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Ω   About 360q.com

What is 360q.com?

How did the whole things get started?

It all started in 1995, when I first made exploration with Internet. I knew then Internet was an avenue whereby I could get connected with the global village - sharing and exchanging ideas and experience. With zero knowledge about how Internet worked, especially designing a homepage, I got help from Geocities communities, guiding and coaching me in designing my homepage. My first homepage was born - QuaSyLaTic Thinking Model : www.geocities.com/Athens/5621.

Since then I met many many Cyber-friends and there are good number of visitors coming to my site - a site where I shared my views, ideas and observations of my inner worlds and the world around us. There are a great diversity of topics - organization, management, TQM, ISO 9000, Reengineering, Health Safety Environment, Learning Organization, Human Resources development, Stock Market, Investment, Business, Communities building, children, families, institutions ..... In short, we are talking and focusing on the necessary knowledge and skills in enhancing our life - individual, organizational, society, communities and our global village with greater synergy and wisdom.

I have natural inclination towards coaching and mentoring. There are quite a number of Cyberfriends who seek guidance and challenges from this QuaSyLaTic writer. At times when I was lost or down, I sought coaching from others.

Virtual Communities Organizer

With more and more readers and visitors to my first websites, I started organizing virtual communities, encouraging and facilitating members to share and interact with each other. I learned and observed that most members prefer to "listen" and only a small handful take the initiative or leadership to open up, put forward their views. This seems to be similar behavior and pattern in many discussion forum or virtual communities.

A new idea was born : the need to REFLECT and gain INSPIRATION to make us wiser, after all, not all leaders or talkers can paint a good future world to inspire this Global Village!

QuaSyLaTic Reflection and Inspiration Corner

A new site was created, experimenting with another free hosting service provider. 

Being an amateur on webpage design, having my own professional career to take care of and limited finance, the result from using the free website was not encouraging.  There are limitation in the features provided, making the site rather un-friendly to users / members. Furthermore it lacked a professional touch on overall presentation and format.


To bring life to Reflection and Inspiration Corner, monetary investment and learning web-design are required. A unique website with its own domain name was constructed - www.360q.com.

A subscription fee is charged to members, not just to cover expenses in maintaining a commercial website and as compensation for time and effort made, but also to attract serious reflection of many souls who want to rekindle their burning candles, even though they can be feeble fire. There are others who are charging ahead with spotlights, need quality moments to reflect, less the spotlights point towards a direction that may not bring about the intended results.

Why 360q.com?

Readers and visitors have grown accustomed to my coined term - QuaSyLaTic. Its footprint is present in many parts of the Cyberspace. Certainly it is too long a name for a domain-name. After some search, 360q.com was chosen, with "q" signifying QuaSyLaTic and 360 signifying a holistic perspectives to things, a circle, or a reinforcing quality loop.

Where are we heading?

First, it is the belief in the power of Reflection and Inspiration - leading each entity (individual or organization) towards self-empowerment and self-actualization. A new world can then be co-created collectively as we become wiser. 

Reflection and inspiration will eventually lead to action - hopefully effective towards shared visions - where there are application of collective wisdom. The connection between Reflection and Effective Action is the Process of Coaching. As membership increases, there will be need for some members to become coaches to others.

From reflection by individuals, slowly we establish platform for Learning Communities to take place. Communities of Learners, Practitioners and Builders will then be in the marking. 


Yours QuaSyLaTicly

Andrew Wong

June, 2001

eMail :  andrew@360q.com (More preferred),  andrewwhs@hotmail.com



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