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A 001 "Any problem?" Syndrome       A 002 Why Is Organization Excellence still an illusive dream?     Summary
A 003 When is a VISION not just a Wish, Prediction or Speculation?      Summary A 004 Meeting Behavior : A Mirror Image of Organization Thinking      Summary
A 005 Industrial Explosion - some reflection on human lessons we never learn -   Summary A 006 Organization Knowledge Inventory Information System    Summary
A 007 Internet : A Mirror Image of our Divided World. (What if Internet were available during the stone-age era?)  Summary A 008 Conversational Framework Design focusing on Personal Mastery and Mental Models      Summary
A 009 Fellowship Building for Community Service Workshop Summary A 010 Introduction to Creativity Thinking                
A 011 Employee Paradigm : How applicable in the 21st century?  Summary     A 012 Teaching & Learning Systems Thinking       Summary
A 013 In Search of Personal Vision     Summary A 014 "QCC Activities - A Random Walk Theory Manifestation?" (Three Blind men and an Elephant)        Summary
A 015 HSE Management System (Health Safety Environment)  Summary A 016 Better understanding / guidelines on Audits    Summary
A 017 Job Design      Summary A 018 Job Description of HSE Manager (Health Safety & Environment)
A 019 How much can audit as a management tool help to improve organization effectiveness?   Summary A 020 HBDI, The Whole Brain and Unit Trust Investment  
A 021 What is the Focus? What is the Question?   Summary A 022 Reflection on Terrorist Attacks on U.S
A 023 The Ridiculous "5 Why?" approach.              A 024 Stock Market and Systems Thinking          Summary
A 025 Facilitation Design to Generate New Ideas and Action on Business Issues       Summary A 026 An Example on Business Coaching Proposal  Summary
A 027 Visions Creation - The Many Misconceptions             A 028 Information Structures and Behavior in Business Meetings  Summary
A 029 Scenarios Painting A critical Skill to get ready for Future undertaking   Summary A 030 There is no Single Superman Leadership       
A 031 Chaos created by Sincerity! Where is the leverage point for breakout?   Summary A 032 Using Questions as Directional Steering towards Business Goals   Summary
A 033 Haze and Learning Organisation  Summary A 034 Why Training and Consultancy still do not work?     
A 035 Will New Leadership paradigm emerge in time of economic crisis?    Summary A 036 Larger Implication of Borderless World       
A 037 Teamwork : A Building or Learning Process?       A 038 Stock Market Insights & Organizational Behavior   Summary
A 039 Blame and Responsibility   Summary A 040 Authority, Responsibility and Knowledge   Summary
A 041 Collaborative Conversation        A 042 Learning About Learning       
A 043 From OL Convention to Daily OL Practice   Summary A 044 The Illusion of Organization Visions Why?  Summary
A 045 Ideally Speaking - About Teamwork and Communication A 046 The Dilemma of Position-Leader      
A 047 Attraction and Inhibitions to Learning A 048 Malaysia Rape, Reaction and Systems Thinking
A 049 Learning derived from a non-effective Business Planning Workshop    

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