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Collection of Messages from Internet


Objectives of QuaSyLaTic Bookstore

To trigger interested parties like you, to read or re-read a particular book from another perspectives.

To encourage readers to do personal Thinking and Not just reading someone else ideas.

Management, Organization and Society 

Shelf A01

Learning Organization Shelf A02

Dr. Deming's Quality

Shelf A03 Future - Society & Mankind
Shelf A04

Visioned Human Path

Shelf A05

From Future to Today Learning

Shelf A06

Vision & Chaos

Shelf A07

Leadership Shelf A08 Shocking Truth Shelf A09 Biz & Community in internet
Shelf A10   Shelf A11   Shelf A12  

Investment, Trading System - making money

Shelf B01 Market Behavior - Elliott Wave Shelf B02 Market Trading - Attitudes & Discipline Shelf B03 Rich Dad's Corner
Shelf B04 Investment Mastery Shelf B05   Shelf B06  

Skills - Facilitation, Coaching, Thinking

Shelf C01 NLP & Coaching Shelf C02 Conversation & Dialogue Shelf C03  Creativity - Lateral Thinking
Shelf C04 Systems Thinking Shelf C05 Wisdom from Action Learning Shelf C06 Facilitation & Coaching

Health Wellness & Spirituality

Shelf D01 Energy Healing Shelf D02 Now, not past, present, nor future Shelf D03 Purity of Mind & Body
Shelf D04 Qigong Shelf D05 Free from Negative Emotion Shelf D06 New Paradigm in Science
Energy Psychology / Number Psychology
For Individual / Organisaton towards Wellness & Excellence
Shelf E01 Energy Psychology     Number Psychology     Energy Psychology 2
Special Shelf on Images, Sound, Action with Stories or Messages
Getting to know the interests of visitors of this site from books they bought.

Visit Homepage for application of some knowledge gained from the above books.

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