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V 001 Why Investment Knowledge?


Each of us has certain area of excellence, be it in cooking, sports, music or business.

The secrete recipe is no secret. There are four essential elements.

  • Acquire Knowledge
  • Practice to gain Skills
  • Develop System for consistent success
  • Mindsets and attitudes towards intended outcomes 

This column addresses the above in investment.

What is your mindset and attitudes towards financial and investment literacy in the midst of your work, family and social lifes,in the past, current and the future?

In an ocean of so many bombarding and conflicting information on investment, with so many eager agents, service providers to serve you. how do you know which investment instrument is best for you?

Or, are you still not getting the wake-up call about your financial standing of yourself, family for now and the future?

How do you know your current mindsets, behavior and action on investment are not influencing your children?  Could your today financial hardship be repeated by your children in their future life? 

Do we think that our children mission is just to study hard and assume that society through the educational system with division and specialization, will take care of their future livelihood? 

Why financial experts, helping companies to grow their profit,  have problems on their own personal / family finance .....?

What lessons do employee learn from the bloodshed of downsizing, retrenchment? 
When corporations or organizations cannot take care of employee living, who will?

There can be many more relevant questions. If you want to gain mastery in investment, be focus on 

  • Acquire Knowledge
  • Practice to gain Skills
  • Develop System for consistent success
  • Mindsets and attitudes towards intended outcomes 


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