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What is coded Knowledge Object?


Knowledge Object has certain unique structure as follow:

Goal : ___________
Fact : ___________
Change : _________
Cause : __________
Fix : ____________


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Knowledge Object, using structured and disciplined approach to examine a situation, provides a powerful insights that may lead to an effective action and / or paradigm shift.

This QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase supplies close to thousand coded knowledge objects with more to be added.

The concepts of the elements of the knowledge object can be expanded as followed :

Goal : [Theme, Title, Objective]
Fact : [Permanent, Absolute, Do not change with time]
Symptom: [Situation, Perception, Observation]
Change : [Transform, Movement, Pattern, Trend]
Cause : [Root cause, Underlying Structures, Fundamental drivers]
Fix : [Solution, New Perspective, Insight]

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US $ 1.50 One Week Access to Knowledge Objects


   A Sample 


How I Quit Smoking?


Reactive and responsive action                                                                                

Structural Conflicts 
Fundamental, Primary, Secondary choices 
Oscillation Pattern 


Once managed to stop smoking for two years but picked up the habits again due to 


Main factors that lead me to stop smoking at that time were; 


Change only temporary
Oscillation effect - between quitting and resuming smoking


Reasons to stop smoke is vague and not convincing to oneself. 
To change a habit by rationalization alone is not enough 
Reasoning due to external factors. 
Not really something I really wanted to be, compelling and inspiring
More propelled by negative energy to get rid of something.


The above client eventually stops smoking completely, with review of the change in habit as follow: 

  1. Looking for more fundamental reason, "Do I want to be healthy, to be free?" 

  2. Fundamental Choice is made : "I want to be healthy, I want to be free!"

  3. Knowing the above realities / difficulties (an oscillation effect between restraint from smoking to another puff), "Do I still want to choose to be healthy and free", i.e. fundamental choice is still intact.?

  4. Primary choice - to stop smoking in order to be healthy, free. To exercise in order to be healthy 

  5. Secondary choices - not accepting when friends offers cigarettes, not to buy cigarette, to go places where smoking is prohibited or not encouraged etc. 

  6. Primary choice is because I want to CREATE a new reality in support of the fundamental choice, Not because of I want to get rid of negatives things e.g. sickness, or avoid high expenses. One must be motivated by positive images, not fearful of negative images.

    For most people, they have not made up their minds (or not conscious of) their Fundamental Choice in life, their personal goal, their purpose for their existence. In such cases, quitting undesired habits like smoking (being secondary choice) has no anchoring foundation. Fundamental Choice is the real driving force in life, not secondary choices, which merely oscillate between temporary success and sunken failures. 

    For other people, their aim in life is to, say, make a lot of money or climb up the corporate ladder fast, as their Fundamental Choice in life. Such a limiting goal can be in great conflict with Primary or Secondary Choice of 'quit smoking', as there is always the temporary feeling that smoking helps in concentration at that moment in time to pursue more money or promotion in career by completing a deal or an important report writing. 

    A Fundamental Choice like "To Be Totally Healthy", or "To Self-Actualize own potentials in order to serve the society as long as we live", has no conflict with "quit smoking" as primary or secondary choice. Furthermore the Fundamental Choice leads to many creative avenues to make the choice becoming reality, and "quit smoking" is just one of such avenues. 

    Coaching Principles: Focus on a sound Fundamental Choice in life, the rest of the choices will fall in line. 


Refer "Visioned Human Path"

Ref:er "The Path of Least Resistance" by Robert Fritz 

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