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J  Life Planning

The focus of Life Planning is on Individual and his / her or own relationship with Family & Society, present and future.

QuaSyLaTic Reflection and Inspiration Corner,

It also looks into inter-dependent relationship between Personal Life and Organization life

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Action Page on Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Ideas


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J  Life Planning

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L 001 Life Planning - "The Hexagon of Life"


Life Planning webpage is designed for anyone who is thinking and reflecting on his or her own life and wishes to take some concrete steps to do something about it and to realize something.

If is for all ages, children and adults. 

For younger children who yet to acquire the necessary thinking and planning skills, parental guidance is required. 

(You may like to suggest your ideas about Life Planning and email me.)

L 002 The Angels and Devils of MONEY 
L 003 The Concept of Retirement  
L 004 Wealth Creating Model Summary
L 005 The Value and Price of Education Summary
L 006 Materialistic World & The World of Reality
L 007 Direct Sale - Trend, Implications and New Ideas Summary
L 008 "Wait and See" Vs "See and Wait"
(What strategies to create the results we want?)
L 009 Coaching - The Hexagon of Life    
L 010 From Golden Village to Learning Community Summary

Action Page on Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Ideas


L 011 Keep Your Day Job and still make Millions  
L 012 Letter to Doctors on Skills for the Future    
L 013 What learning approach will you choose?    
L 014 Coaching - The Hexagon of Life    
L 015 Coaching Loop and Process Summary  
L 016 Why Pursuit of Happiness results in more failures and unhappiness?
What Other Strategies? What Focus?
The Framework of Success
L 017 Application of Knowledge – Economy concept to Individual life  Summary  
L 018 What Course to Study?
Another perspectives for college / university study decision making
Assumptions about you                                                                                              No 47  Pergola                               

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