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Slides Learning Studio - Volume I

S 001 Learning Organization Summary S 002 Personal Mastery Summary
S 003 Mental Models Summary S 004 Dialogue Summary
S 005 Shared Visions   S 006 Team Learning   
S 007 Systems Thinking I   S 008 Systems Thinking  II  
S 009 One Day Appreciation of Organizational Learning   S 010 Linear Thinking Vs Systems Thinking Summary
S 011 Linear Thinking To Structural Thinking  Summary S 012 Investing : Basic Rules as per Robert T. Kiyosaki  Summary
S 013 Systems Relationship Map Summary S 014 Basic Thinking Skills  Summary
S 015 Inner Power Building Play Space  Summary S 016 Management Mental Preparedness for Empowering Inner Power Building of Staff  Summary
S 017 Learning : the process of self-empowerment   S 018 6 Thinking hats - Creativity Thinking tools Summary
S 019 Concept Fan Summary S 020 Rut Story & River Story  Summary
S 021 Facilitation Questions for Vision Driven Team   S 022 Reflection - What, When and How? For Individuals and Teams
S 023 Managing Problem Solving Summary S 024 Systems Archetypes Summary
S 025 Energizing Organization Part APart B Summary S 026 Fundamentals of Organizational Learning : Day 1, Day2, Day 3 [BoatCIA, Jump ViRealTL_Intel  Piano Re-Eng, Goose, B's MMB's ST, B's CommMM2, LHC,      Challenger] Summary
S 027 What is a System? Summary S028 Learning to Produce Business Results Summary
S029 Business Scenarios and Strategies Summary S030 Tips on Brainstorming (OL Approach) Summary
S031 Towards Creating larger Shared Visions Summary S032 Facilitating Life Journey Summary
S033 Facilitating Senior Management 1-day Summary S034 Coaching Loop and Process Summary
S035 Competency-Based Training & Learning Organization - Conflicting Philosophies Summary S036 Caring and Sharing Teams Summary
S037 Model and Management System   S038 In Search of a Vision - The Problem of it  

Sets of Tools, Processes, Techniques used in Facilitation Workshops


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