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Andrew Wong

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 Role & Position :

  • Energy Psychology (EP) Coach

  • Human Dynamic Facilitator

  • Trainer

  • Consultant

  • Oil & Gas Quality HSE / Maintenance Manager

  • Construction Project Manager

  • Highway / Bridge Designer

What is the use of good theory and concepts but no skills for action or application ? 


How do you know the training of staff produces the intended business results?  


It is naive to think that skills can be acquired in a few days of training program. 


There is no instant magical pill to produce profound solution to your organization, as often implied or promised in training program or consultant's proposal.  


Solution or answer is always deep inside a person, your job as a coach is to help him or her to find it.

Key Information on Unique Service Offering

After making keen observations of organizations and near 30 years experience with a large corporation, a key question emerged on why enormous amount of investment in training and consultancy could not induce a profound mindset / behavioural shift nor cultural change in organizations.

A solution-model is found after years attending to close to 400 individual clients, with all sort of issues, ranging from career, business, management, relationship, sickness, cancers, children discipline problems, financial, etc. etc. with client backgrounds like senior management, orphans, social workers dealing with drug addicts, parents, businessman, etc. using Number Psychology and Energy Psychology coaching, shifting mindset from despair to hope, fear to calmness, stuck-ness to openness, problems to solutions.

Andrew Wong is a Civil Engineering (Hons) graduated from University of Malaya in 1978. He has with him some twenty-eight years of working experiences. He has worked as a bridge and highway designer, in major oil and gas construction supervision (RM 2 billion project) with Shell Construction Team. He was also Project Manager of RM 500 million Club House and Housing Project for a couple of years.

Andrew then worked as a Maintenance Manager of Malaysia LNG manufacturing facilities like building, infrastructure, drainage, corrosion, insulation, etc. for about a decade. He later worked as a Quality and HSE Manager for a few years.

For the remaining eight years with Petronas, Oil & Gas corporation, he took up the position of  Management Trainer, Facilitator and Coach. From years of exposure in the above mentioned work experience, Mr. Andrew Wong was keen to make correlation between training / consultancy / coaching with human behaviours and the corresponding business performance.

Besides delivering training programs like Learning Organization, Systems Thinking, Scenarios Planning, Creativity, Train the Trainers, Business Strategies and Planning, Leadership, Facilitation Skills, Communication, Mindset Change, Motivation, etc. Mr. Andrew Wong carries out customized learning programs in applying appropriately the management theories and concepts to the business or human issues at hand.

As such he had designed, developed and delivery more than 60 facilitation workshops on various issues such as business strategies and planning, resolution of conflicts, diverse interest groups, business performances, leadership and motivation etc.

Andrew was formally trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching, Solution Focus Coaching, Energy Psychology and as a coaching practitioner, he carries out coaching to clients to empower them to create their own solutions or resolution of issues. He continues to upgrade his knowledge and skills by attending more advanced training overseas, learning new tools like Number Psychology in unleashing potentials in soul, mind and body.

Andrew has retired from Petronas in Sept. 2008. Since then he has more actively applied his training, facilitating and coaching skills not only to organizations but also communities.

He is keen to collaborate with Bushiness Owners, Corporations to apply the solution-model aimed to produce tangible results and thus add value to the organizations and the country

Currently Andrew is very much engaged by corporations to transfer his EP coaching skills (as practitioner) to the management team, with regular guidance and faciliating leaders / managers in coaching and facilitation practice to unleash staff potentails. The contract duration ranges from 4 months to 12 months.

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