Number Psychology Report Writing Service

Your Potentialities-


Knowing more about yourself



How much you know yourself?



How sure are you of your current pursuit is in the direction of your life path / life mission?



Want to know the major turning points in your life, with what learning and preparation?


When you have higher consciousness of your own being ....

  • Your Life Path / Direction and the un-manifested potentials

  • Your  own psychology behind your personalities

  • Your own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Your developmental path towards maturity and wisdom.

  • Your stages of growth with 4 key turning points in your life

    • The potential Peak Performance and Challenges for each turning point at what age

  • Your inherent motivation / drive behind your action and behavior

  • Your preferred or inherent mode of your ability to present yourself to the external world

  • The nature and attributes of your thinking pattern, emotional expression, intuition

  • Your current year specific potentials, and your following years so as to help you prepared to create the best outcome.

You will certainly ...

  • Be in better control of your own destiny

  • Be better aware of your learning focus

  • Be better prepared to seize opportunities / overcome challenges

  • Knowing with confidence that you are manifesting your potentialities

Service Offering

  • 20-25 pages report of the above for you
  • Email discussion on the report within 1-month receipt of the report.

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What do you need to do?

  • Make payment (see below)

  • Email  your

    • Birthdate : stating Month (in words), Date and Year clearly

    • (Indicate TIME of birth, if you know)
    • Your full name (In English alphabet) as per your birth certificate

    • State Male or Female

    • Describe briefly you current life goal or challenges faced with some background of yours, particularly on your childhood.

    • Inform payment date / time by email or SMS +6012-1525.

  • Give 3 days for report to be completed, send via email.

Payment Method:

  • For Malaysian : Credit to Maybank Acc 11202 76000 30 (ANDREW WONG HEE SING), using cash or bank-transfer (not cheques)

  • Overseas - Paypal

Service Fee:

  • Current Fee : 

    • One report as per above stated scope  RM 200,

      • Report on two-person relationship RM RM 300
    • (Overseas Rate, US $100, uisng Paypal)
      • Report on two person relationship US $ 150
  • Future Fee :

    • One report as per above stated scope  RM 280,

Optional Service
  • One to one (face to face) coaching service or using Skype (Please make inquiry for coaching fee)


Number Psychology Report Writing Service

Your Potentialities


Knowing more about yourself


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