1- Day Training Workshop on

Number Psychology-


More Consciousness of Self for Improvement




Looking for a simpler tool to know more about Yourself?




Many profiling tools still do not work for you? Try this.




Find Your True-Self through Personality






There are times we feel that we are not tapping into the full potentials in us. But we wonder what are missing?

It could be situations we encounter failures again and again, in spite of our sincere efforts.

Or, we observe many friends around with performance not at their peak. And we wish to help them, but dont know where to start.

Closer to home, we notice our children having some difficulties or out-of-tangent behavior and could not understand why and how to help them. We also know they have hidden talents, but don't know the specifics.

We know relationship with people is important. But we cant help ourselves as there are tensions with people we know are important or dear to us. And we genuinely hope to find some solutions.

And we continue to witness, teamwork is still a challenge in our organization.

Or, health problems seem to last forever.

What is the deference between fate and life mission?

What attitudes / psychology you use towards money? How does that affect your current finance? Creating more wealth or still struggling?

What is this training about?

This is a course in numerology, invented by Pythagoras, a mathematician, philosopher, scientist who lived around 580 BC in Greece.

The emphasis is to discover the hidden messages on our attributes (known or unknown), thereby using our free will to improve those attributes that can help to realize our goals in life.

This is training cum workshop 1-day event. Participant will start with identifying and clarifying their goal or challenge in life. As they learn more the hidden messages from their numbers, they will become more aware of what attributes help or impede the realization of their goals.

The workshop provides you the analytical tool so that you can carry out more study on other related matters, and you can use these tools to help those around you the hidden messages in their numbers.

Program Objectives

  • To Know more attributes (positive and negatives) of yourself
  • To know some aspects of the pattern of your life : past, present and possibly a glimpse into your future direction
  • Relationship / Teamwork Improvement
  • Understand your children hidden talents and behavior
  • How to strengthen the hidden attributes and overcome the weakness
  • To correlate how some aspects of our personality and behaviors that may have impact on your health
  • Psychology of Number
  • Strategies on how to make improvement.
  • To know what could be your inherent calling
  • Most important of all understanding Numerology as a Tool for improvement not fate to be resigned to.





1- Day Training Workshop on

Number Psychology-


More Consciousness  of Self for Improvement



Towards higher consciousness of self.


Did you choose the number?


The Number chooses you?


Is it your raised consciousness that really matters.

What this program is NOT.

  • This is Not a program on fortune telling, but understand our hidden potentials and weakness and how to improve on them.

  • This is Not a program with commercial products to sell to you like lucky numbers, jade, crystal, only knowledge to be learned.

  • This is Not a program on how to get rich fast, but discover your hidden messages on what you need to do to become rich.

  • This is Not a program about cast-in-stone fate, which is superstition, but trusting your inner most hidden potentials to make things different..

Who are the target learners?

  • Whoever who want to learn a simple tool for development of self and others.

  • Organization who wants to help their staff / members to develop their talents and identify areas of improvement so as to work towards the organizational goals.

  • Parents who want to learn a simple personal development tool to understand and help their children physical, mental and emotional growth.

  • Whoever who want to identify areas of improvement on relationship e.g. partners, business associates, colleagues, etc.

  • Trainers, consultant, coach who want to learn a simple, fast and more comprehensive personal development tools to help their clients..




1- Day Training Workshop on

Number Psychology-

Hidden Message in Your Number

More Consciousness  of Self for Improvement



You can help your children towards better maturity by understanding their personality and life mission.



1- day Number Psychology training is best taken up together with another 1-day Energy Psychology training, as these two sets of tools compliment each other.

1st day training is Number Psychology, 2nd day Energy Psychology.

  Currently no public training program is orgnized, only training and coaching service to corporation. Interested party can organize their learners and venue and contact undersigned to conduct the training.


Participants who identify their goals or challenges before the workshop can benefit more from the training.
- A comprehensive training manual will be provided.
- Number Psycholog can be used in conjunction with Energy Psychology


Organization / Corporation

Management wishes to have the above program for their staff, helping them identify their strength and weakness for improvement can contact undersigned  (hp +6012-606 1525) for separate schedule and arrangement.


Group Training

Group Training can be arranged when there is a group of interested learners (max 15) with own training venue. Please contact undersigned  (hp +6012-606 1525) for schedule and arrangement.



Trainer / Coach

Participants' Feedback


Case Study / [Number Psychology] & [Energy Psychology]Articles

  1. A "Positive" Manager
  2. 12 Coaching Cases in One day

  3. Introducing NP/EP Coaching to Political Organization

  4. Overly Concern creates Negative Energy

  5. I must be strong! (Positive Thinking Backfires)

  6. I will Take the Whole World

  7. Tomorrow Never Comes

  8. Unhappiness Due to Non-alignment with Inner Calling

  9. Number / Psychology / Your Problem

  10. Balancing Ambitions / Childhood Imprint

  11. Problems are Learning Opportunity In Disguise

  12. Serving Mankind without Reward!(Can create psychological damage to self)

  13. Balancing Perfectionism

  14. Unconscious Self-sabotaging Pattern

  15. When Solutions are the Problems

  16. A Sample Numerological Report


Note: [Number Psychology ]& [Energy Psychology] are set of tools to be used together in coaching.

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