1- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body-Energy,

Improving Performance




Looking for a simpler healing system, non-invasive, no side effect, to overcome some of your persistent pain and suffering / unwanted habits?




How do you like you becoming more effective in your performance and effective in achieving your goals without using stressful "will power"?



Today we face many challenges in life – stress, body dis-comfort or pain, worry, depression, sickness, low energy to move on with life, or not able to perform the best we think we could and should.

Or the challenges can be certain unwanted habits and behaviors which will-power to change could not produce significant results.,

This 1-day training workshop is designed to teach you how to use Energy Psychology for self-application and / or helping others to gain clearer and focused mind, healing energy blockages that contribute towards some of the body health symptoms and improve desired performance.

"Energy Psychology" - involves two key ideas : "Energy System of the human body", and the "Psychology - the thinking, behavior, limiting beliefs and responses and the associated emotions".

Emotional and psychological blockages in our body energy field can create much pain, suffering and illness, or simply poor performance. The blockages can be cumulative effect of our stressful life, negative emotional experiences from past or recent events or daily interaction with people, consciously known or unconscious.

Energy Psychology provides simple, yet effective method to overcome such emotional, mental  and psychological blockages.

Even for people without symptomic problems like pain or sickness, i.e. those seem rather “healthy”, mental, emotional and psychological blockages may cause deficiency of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to manifest fullest potentials towards excellence or self-actualization.

Will Power often backfires when it is forced against the body energy system. – understanding and applying Energy Psychology can produce faster intended result, often with ease.

Energy Psychology – uses the ancient Chinese Energy (Qi) system with Western Psychology in the form of conversational-coaching, to relieve the mental, emotional and psychological blockages to regain wellness, sound mind and body.

The technique is simple, but skill-practice is necessary. This 1-day training workshop focuses on practice and application besides theories.

“Energy Psychology – Coaching the Mind, Healing the Body-energy & Improvement Performance” training emphases on the practical application aiming to get the desired results – e.g. relief of pain, healing and acquiring more emotional intelligence to have better performance, coupled with explanation of the underlying concepts and principles, so that participants can continue to be creative in healing and coaching application.

Participants of this program will learn how to do self-healing / coaching, how to help other people to relieve pain and suffering, fear and anger and other negative emotions, to liberate oneself towards a more effective human being. Beginners using Energy Psychology can have as high as 50% success rate, and experienced practitioners as high as 80%


Training Contents

  • The Concept of Energy Psychology
  • The basic principle of Qi and Health / Performance
  • Negative Emotion /Thoughts and their dissolution
  • The Problems (e.g. Fears Phobia, Unwanted habits, Negative Thoughts, Pain, Depression, Migraine, Anxiety, Trauma, lack of mental strength, etc.)
  • The Techniques to mobilize the body energy for healing
  • The Conversational coaching Approach to focus and calm the mind
  • Application, demonstration and class-room practice aim at mutual learning and helping each other towards wellness or better human performance. With an open mind, it may not be a surprise, at the end of this 1 day training, some of the participants' problems get resolved.
    • * Parents / teachers can teach the children Energy Psychology application after this workshop training.

Documented cases of Energy Psychology application are given to the participants : e.g. Anxiety Attack, Autism-relief, Averting an amputation, Cancer Group results, The Power of Intention, Better Maths score, Relieving Arthritis, Asthma attack, Breast cancer resolution, 30 years of Insomnia cleared, Parkinson’s disease, Psychological Reversals, Weight-loss slimming down,  Medical doctor uses Energy Psychology to avoid surgery on urination problem................



 Energy Psychology

1- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance



The capacity to harness your emotions to help you achieve what is important to you is the "master aptitude"


 - Goleman 




Who are the target learners?

  • People, having persistent pain / suffering, wish to find an alternative healing system, simple, non-invasive and without side effect

  • People having difficulties to change unwanted habits, behavior.

  • People who want to learn a simple healing system so as able to help others overcoming their problems - physical, mental, psychological and emotional. Some may want to use these skills to provide professional service to those in need.

  • People who want to find a simple system to unblock mental and emotional obstacles so as to achieve peak performance in their undertaking.

  • Mother, who want to learn a new way to help children to develop emotional intelligence

  • Manager, who wants to manage stress more effectively, for himself / herself and staff.



  Energy Psychology

1- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance






You can help your children to attain higher EI (Emotional Intelligence]by helping and teaching them Energy Psychology


Training in KL




1- day Energy Psychology training is best taken up together with another 1-day Number Psychology training, as these two sets of tools compliment each other.

1st day training is Number Psychology, 2nd day Energy Psychology.

  Currently no public training program is orgnized, only training and coaching service to corporation. Interested party can organize their learners and venue and contact undersigned to conduct the training.




- A comprehensive training manual will be provided.
- Energy Psycholog can be used in conjunction with Number Psychology


Organization / Corporation

Management wishes to have the above program for their staff, helping them identify their strength and weakness for improvement can contact undersigned  (hp +6012-606 1525) for separate schedule and arrangement.


Group Training

Group Training can be arranged when there is a group of interested learners (max 15) with own training venue. Please contact undersigned  (hp +6012-606 1525) for schedule and arrangement.


Trainer / Coach


 Q&A : Questions and Answers about the training


Program Evaluation / Feedback


Students' Little Success Stories


Cases Handled


Some Articles on Energy Psychology application


Energy Psychology Coaching Service


Note: [Number Psychology ]& [Energy Psychology] are set of tools to be used together in coaching.

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