Energy Psychology

One to-one Coaching Session

Energy Psychology Coaching-

Healing the Mind and Body, and Improve Health & Performance




Still struggling with stress, health problems?



Energy Psychology healing system is non-invasive, & has no side effect.


No will power is required, as it may increase more stress.


The capacity to harness your emotions to help you achieve what is important to you is the "master aptitude"


 - Goleman 



Your Challenges or Problems now faced...

Many like you are facing challenges and problems in life.

  • Life direction or life-decision making, career, business, relationship, finance, ..

  • Stress, anxiety, worries, anger, fear,...
  • Pain, illness, phobia, allergies, insomnia, addiction, weight control  ....
  • Or simply feeling lack of energy or drive in life to embrace everyday as a bright new day ...

You may realize your current health symptoms or less than desired performance have something to do with your state of mind, and lack of vital life-force energy.

You may have tried all means of treatments, medicine, alternatives  to no avail,  You may even rely heavily on drugs with side effects.

You may have read books and attend many seminars on positive thinking, financial freedom, life destiny, motivation, leadership, yet you can feel the energies.

It is time you try Energy Psychology now - using conversation to calm your mind and tapping to activate your energy flow.

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Service Offering

  • A about 2 hours per session, one-on-one, Energy Psychology Coaching service is available to interested client.
  • A minimum of three sessions is recommended , with further follow up if necessary as decided by the client.

Method and Process

Schedule and EP Service Fee:

  • Once a week, one to one 2-hr per session, service is available.

    • Please make appointment

  • Promotional Fee

    • 3-session package RM450, to be paid during 1st session.

  • Future Fee :

    • 3-session package RM 550,

  •  House Call service wihtin Klang valley :

    • 3-session page RM 650, to be paid during 1st session.
  • Fee will be on the increase over time

  • Engagement :

Curious to find out more about Energy Psychology? Google Internet and you will get tons of information on how EP benefit thousands of people in the Western world.


Facebook Group “Number Psychology Energy Psychology “ / “【數字】【能量】心理学



 Energy Psychology

Coaching Session

Energy Psychology Coaching-

Healing the Mind and Body, and Improve Health & Performance





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