Money Clinic

Money Clinic

Your Relationship with Money-


Dissolving Negative Emotion towards Money 



Still struggling hard to make money?



When you have good relationship with someone, do you still  stress yourself? or have a easy flow with the partner?



Money is Not the problem. Your relationship with it IS.



End the debate "Money is the root of all evil" "Money brings happiness". Focus on the relationship, and take effective ACTION.


One's attitude and relationship with money is a very complex issue.

Many have money problem, without knowing that their mindset, attitude and relationship with money is the REAL problem, and they continue to have money problem.

Some have a lot of money, that also creates other problems to their life : worry, insecurity, feeling empty in spite of much material comfort and leisure.

Seldom do they realize the difficult money relationship has a similar pattern with their relationship with people or undertaking or health or life in general.

Difficult relationship has underlying emotional and /or psychological issues and / or limiting belief system. Many of which are not in the conscious domain or un-aware of, resulting in constant struggle and stress with money.

Lack of money can give rise to problems and struggle. But some poor people without money still find joy and peace.

Rich people with plenty of money may be very un happy and un-peace. But other rich people become richer and happier with money comes and goes, just like inhaling and exhaling air in breathing.

This program is about "A healthy relationship with money giving rise to joy and peace". Not necessary making more money or give away all your money. But it can well be removing mental / emotional blockages that prevent you making the money you desire, or having a better relationship with money..

Service Offering

  • A one hour per session, one-on-one, Mindset Emotion Coaching service is available to interested client.
  • A minimum of three sessions is recommended , with further follow up if necessary as decided by the client.


  • To facilitate client to identify underlying belief-systems, negative emotions / psychology towards money

  • To clear the negative energy that affects current life situation or performance

  • To explore new belief system with positive emotion and psychology to be congruent with money, towards some concrete action.

Method and Process

  • Use of Coaching method and Energy Psychology.

  • Language : English or Mandarin

  • (Note: Coaching method is NOT giving advice or consultancy, but helping client to find their own solutions)

Schedule and Money Clinic Service Fee:

  • Once a week, one to one 1-2 hr per session, service is available at Tuesday night at Puchong clinic (Map), 7.30 - 9.30 pm .

  • Cureent Fee : 

    • 3-session package RM 450, payable at 1st session

  • Future Fee :

    • 3-session package RM 550,

  • Fee will be on the increase over time

  • Engagement :




 Money Clinic

Money Clinic

Your Relationship with Money-


Dissolving Negative Emotion towards Money 




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