By Andrew Wong      15th Jan  2010
Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Some Concepts on Energy Psychology in relation to Coaching

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A demo is arranged by the undersigned on Energy Psychology application to a Coaching Community. As Energy Psychology, (EP for short) is a new subject to many people, some concepts on EP is shared and discussed so that there is more understanding observing the EP coaching in action

This is not a training session on Energy Psychology Coaching, hence full elaboration is not addressed here. For those interested in the formal training and organization practice, please contact the undersigned.(or refer:EP for Organization)

The following SYNOPSIS was given to the Coaching community before the EP demo:

Energy Psychology:

A human being is not just the physical parts, nor just the rational mind, the sub-conscious mind. It is much more than that. Word itself is already a limitation to describe the totality and the essence of the human being. Nevertheless we still need words to describe – the words used are Body Intelligence / Energy Field and its Life Force.

Conventional coaching uses largely the conscious / rational mind, which can help coachee-client to some extent. At the same time scientists inform us that the conscious mind is only a small fraction of a human being’s all knowing, or wisdom. As such, conventional coaching can only address a small fraction of the total being.

Energy Psychology coaching addresses or communicates with the Body Intelligence / Energy Fields to help the coachee-client to tap into the enormous hidden potentials.

A volunteer coachee for the Energy Psychology demo can come with issues or apparent no issues. The Body Intelligence may have an intention for the being, possibly manifested through the Energy Psychology coaching process.

Hence whoever are the volunteer coachee can feel relaxed and let the process guide you towards a solution, consciously known or not. Depending on the time availability, we can have one or two demo.

Concepts Underlying EP Coaching

  • “The observer cannot be separated from that which is observed.” – Werner Heisenberg
  • “Everything is emptiness, form is condensed emptiness.” – Albert Einstein
  • “Nothingness is the building block of the universe.” – John Wheeler
  • “The universe is an interconnected whole” – David Bohm
  • “There are no local causes” – John Stuart Bell
  • “Cause and Effect are not closely related in time and space.” – Dr. Peter Senge.
  • "Biography becomes biology" - Caroline Myss
  • “The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.” ~ Louise Hay

The famous "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle" in the Quantum mechanics, emerges from the study of the atomic world. Physicists trying to prove the theories of particles and waves, found that the results of what they want to prove, is what was in their mind, on the onset - if you want to prove that the "thing" is a particle, then the thing behaves like a particle. If you want to prove the thing is a wave-form, then it is a wave-form.

Hence - "The observer cannot be separated from that which is observed"

In the atomic world, we learn that an atom is made up of electrons, neutron etc. which is a very very small fraction of an atom, as the majority of it is space, or void, or emptiness, or ENERGY.

We as human being, is fundamentally made up of Emptiness, or Energy.

“Everything is emptiness, form is condensed emptiness.” – Albert Einstein

What we sense as form, the physical, is manifested from the emptiness.

Scientists use other language-concepts to describe the emptiness, .. energy, information, consciousness, intelligence.

What have the above got to do with our business in coaching with people to get on with challenges faced or life?

First, from the above, we can deduce that human being is made up of vastness of emptiness, and hence enormous potentialities, un-tapped.

Hence in coaching, if only we can access to this enormous field of emptiness, energy!

And it is hoped that the coming EP Coaching demo can show something of that nature.

In doing so, EP coach is mindful of "The observer cannot be separated from that which is observed", even though as professional coach, we focus on client's agenda, never coach's agenda. But "“The universe is an interconnected whole” we can never isolate ourselves as coach and coachee as another entity. Coach and Coachee relationship is like a dance in action, you can't have a dance partner not dancing.

In EP protocol, the structure of the process tries to reduce as much any imposition of coach's not useful "energy" onto the coachee's.
For that you may like to make your observations during the EP demo.
In coaching, a coach is making more conscious observations on the coachee, as the later could be more engrossed in his or her own issues or problems.

In the light of "The observer cannot be separated from that which is observed", coach is to be mindful of the subtle energy that can have negative impact on the coachee. The subtle energy can be in the form of pre-judgment of the client, holding certain strong views about the coachee;s worldviews, or own preferred viewpoints.

It might well be the coachee is sensitive to the coach’s subtle energy, though it is not the intention of the coach. For example, the coachee may react not so positively on the coach’s diary on the table (as an example), as that reminds her of a sad happening in her life.

Then the challenge is on the part of the coach, how to pick up such reaction, which usually the client may not review, but keep in the heart, and that can affect the rest of the coaching session.

As per the scientists’ study, ENERGY is consciousness, information, intelligence and messages, how then can such signals be accessed?
Again, we hope that such scenario may arise in our next EP coaching demo.
In the above discussion we used an example of a diary that may trigger something in the coachee, for that matter, something in the room or the overall organization culture (he or she works in) may have some bearing on the coachee too.

We will move on now to discuss two categories of concepts underlying Energy Psychology

Category #1

“The universe is an interconnected whole” – David Bohm
“There are no local causes” – John Stuart Bell
“Cause and Effect are not closely related in time and space.” – Dr. Peter Senge.

A coachee may put forwards some causes to his or her own problem during coaching. An EP coach is mindful of the above concepts, and with open mind, guide the coachee to explore on different parameters, and not just on the obvious causes – e.g. I can’t perform well in my work merely due to too much workload, or, my constant tiredness is due to my sickness.
At the same time, there could be thousands factors as causes to speculate. EP coach will utilize the client’s body intelligence to get some clues.

Category #2

"Biography becomes biology" - Caroline Myss
“The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.” ~ Louise Hay

Another concepts to the above is “The body never lies”. “The required information (the biography) of the coachee-client is in the biology, the body”. Or,” the body stores the information”.

Most of us have such experience – just looking at a person, say, a) depressed look and behaviour, b) another person, walks straight with confidence, smile and calmness on the face. We can be quite correct to speculate that the former have problem to achieve his or her goals, whereas the later will have no problem. The body has its own intelligence to tell a lot of information.

An EP coach will pay particular attention to the body reaction and feedback on the issue at hand raised by the coachee, and thus bring greater awareness to the conscious mind of the client to make wise choices.

The stored information in the body can be in the tense shoulder or diseased organ.

Let’s see whether we have opportunity to witness the above in the coming Energy Psychology demo session.


EP Coach - Andrew

EP Coach, Andrew

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)

A new service is launched - "NP-Your Potentialities Report Writing Service"

Number Psychology training for the public  refer : “Number Psychology” (English), "數字心理學" (Chinese), with Participants feedback (English), 学员学习心得 (Chinese)

Energy Psychology training for the public  refer : “Energy Psychology (English), "能量心理學" (Chinese), with Cases  (English), 处理过的案例 (Chinese)

Or, your are welcome to communicate with your HR Director / manager to bring this training to your organization / corporation.

Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

While the public continues to benefit from the one-to-one coaching carried out (refer Energy Psychology Coaching Service, and [Money Clinic] Coaching Service) , the corporation and organization can benefit from customized training on Mindset Emotion and Energy Psychology Training to develop internal skills as masterful coaches. (refer Specially for Organization / Corporation). Currently a long term contract is ongoing with a corporation on one to one coaching to the management, and developing them to be masterful internal coaches, thus creating a coaching culture.

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