By Andrew Wong      14th Nov  2009
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Mr X wrote ..

Thanks for posting your e-mail to me and to others as well. Working in our corporation right now may not be the same as before. It is becoming tougher and tougher. Similarly, working with other organizations., a lot of staff had to be given Separation Package due to poor performance rating. Whether you want it or not, it has to be done.

I am just wondering if in your training program, the preparation towards facing such a situation could be highlighted. How could people prepare such as situation after all efforts done to achieve for a better Organization. It has to be both ways, Organizational excellence as well Individual excellence.

Thank you Mr X for your response to my email which I shared my coaching engagement work with organization and individuals.

I do observe tougher scenarios taking place in corporations in the Malaysian context. Hence generally life is getting tougher for both employee and organization, as an after effect of competitive world.

Organization as an entity needs to survive and often tough measure has to be taken – retrenching or laying off staff is one such drastic measure, which is to nobody’s preference but must be done.

However in human and organizational dynamic, things can be quite complex.

For example : there are cases of valid ground some staff are to be laid off due to disciplinary problems, lower than expected minimum performance standards etc. There are also cases whereby organization is also learning and does not yet have matured and well designed KPI performance measurement system, leading to unwise dismissal of staff.

We can think of many different scenarios of sole responsibilities of staff, of organization or mixture of both. Hence it is complex and tough.

However to face reality, we need to find an effective way to move on with life – individually and organizationally.

With respect to your questions ….

> I am just wondering if in your training program, the preparation towards facing such a situation could be highlighted. How could people prepare such as situation after all efforts done to achieve for a better Organization. It has to be both ways, Organizational excellence as well Individual excellence.

My view and recommendation as follow:

Individual Employee facing the tough situation – Separation Package.

Whatever maybe the correct or not-so-correct decision by the organization to offer the Separation Package to staff, or given staff a grace period to perform, organization could offer coaching service to the staff concerned to help them i) to overcome the emotional and psychological upset, ii) to install a more productive belief system to them to take the next firm step for their individual future.

I strongly recommend Coaching approach rather than counseling approach. This is because Coaching approach is to help the coachee unleash their hidden potential – “This is not the end of the world. There a a better World for you” as the fundamental belief of the coach. Counseling tends to be too much into the sobbing stories thereby draining off more energy.

In such situation, it is advisable to engage Coach with good experience and not managers who attend 3-5 day of coaching training program. A few day coaching training program cannot make a manager a good coach, in fact, in venerable situation of the employee like the above, un-skilled manager coaching can do more damages – emotionally and psychologically. Skill coaching takes hundred hours of practice, in my case, after close to 300 cases, I am still learning. My learning is speeded up by handling real difficult emotional and psychological cases of people in pain and suffering or given limited time to live.

Unleashing Potentials towards Organizational Excellence

For a longer term, I encourage organization to embark on creating a Coaching culture – whereby the vast unlimited potentials are to be unleashed and tapped to create organizational excellence. Ideally when such a state is created, there is no need Separation Package or performance evaluation system so laboriously administered and implemented.

Refer to the Coaching Model I am currently providing such service to a corporation. ( Particularly referring to

You will find that it is a long process, with the following sound principles

  • Management / Manager key responsibility is to unleash the potential of the organization members.
  • To do so, factory type of gradating managers as coaches in a few day training program, without systematic disciplined coaching practice, simply won’t work.
  • Coaching is not just asking a few powerful questions based on logic and rationale, or will power which creates more pressure, but deeply getting to the frequency of the coachee’s emotions, psychology and belief system and to find opportunity to create a shift.

The above is my humble views based on my experience. You will notice that I do not place too much emphasis on training intervention, but more on organization embarking on System of Practice – in this case Coaching practice to gain skills.

I hope you find the above useful.

Andrew Wong - EP Coach


EP Coach, Andrew

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)

A new service is launched - "NP-Your Potentialities Report Writing Service"

Number Psychology training for the public  refer : “Number Psychology” (English), "數字心理學" (Chinese), with Participants feedback (English), 学员学习心得 (Chinese)

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Or, your are welcome to communicate with your HR Director / manager to bring this training to your organization / corporation.

Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

While the public continues to benefit from the one-to-one coaching carried out (refer Energy Psychology Coaching Service, and [Money Clinic] Coaching Service) , the corporation and organization can benefit from customized training on Mindset Emotion and Energy Psychology Training to develop internal skills as masterful coaches. (refer Specially for Organization / Corporation). Currently a long term contract is ongoing with a corporation on one to one coaching to the management, and developing them to be masterful internal coaches, thus creating a coaching culture.

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