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Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Vision Energies [6]

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Vision is the ability to perceive, conceptualize with formation of images in the mind, consciously or unconsciously, vividly or not.Often visions become beliefs.

There are many different manifestations of vision energies by different people, depending on the stored inherent energies, environment and past conditionings.

From hundreds of EP clients coaching, the following is a sample of some more distinct types of vision energies manifestations.

*** Vision of the Future

Great leaders like Martin Luther King, Dell, Steve Jobs ...posses such energies and manifest them into reality.

Many leaders have vision of the future, but lacking ability to bridge reality with the vision. They get disconnected with the "ground", like Don Quixote.

Others who manifest well Vision-energy, over utilize the intellect-energy and ignore emotion-energy, and body-energy, create unbalance in their life, e.g. Steve Jobs, suffered cancer and little quality connection with family, children.

*** Vision of Perfection

There is high frequency of people affected by vision of perfection negatively. As they seek perfection, which is no way to be found in reality, they either become aggressive to others, withdrawn or depressed.

*** Vision turns Hallucination

There are cases of vision turns hallucinations. They see images whereby people around do not see, like naked people, dead people, attack by enemies like in the movie "The Beautiful Mind" based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, or simply fantasize.
They see things different from other people: example - annorexia-bulima (see fat body in mirror though he or she is already very skinny)
Or, they cannot see things where other people all notice.

*** Vision of Negativism

This is another very common problem. Their projection of the future is full of negatives, no hope, disasters, failures, being pressured, cheated,confined, ....

They often become nervous, stressed, depressed, some suicidal.

*** Vision of False or Forced Positivism

This manifestation is often mistaken as "positive behavior". They put on a mask of "I am OK" "I am a Positive Thinker" "I am brave" "Nothing can defeat me" “God will Protect me”.

In actual fact, they feel vulnerable insides. There are a lot of hidden fears, angers, frustration, not able to let go, .. They suppress these negative feelings, or cut off such feelings.

The tell-tale signs are in their bodies; they feel restless, or immobilized, stiff body, tightness, Migraine, ,,,--- “The Body Never Lies”

Organizational Learning.

Organizational members may operate in the one or combined cases of the above.

For example :

  • leaders with compelling visions but cannot engage the staff
  • leaders with unrealistic visions, creating confusion to the whole organization.
  • staff with vision of fears being punished, sacked, losing jobs, and hide the performance mistakes, or safety incidents.
  • supervisions or managers with visions of perfection, or and Vision of False or Forced Positivism and drive their staff crazy.
  • unable to handle the stress with tell-tale sign of high medical bills, sick leaves.

It is high time management take serious steps towards EP coaching or the like to balance the vision-energies of their organization.


Andrew - EP coach
Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

EP Coach, Andrew

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)

A new service is launched - "NP-Your Potentialities Report Writing Service"

Number Psychology training for the public  refer : “Number Psychology” (English), "數字心理學" (Chinese), with Participants feedback (English), 学员学习心得 (Chinese)

Energy Psychology training for the public  refer : “Energy Psychology (English), "能量心理學" (Chinese), with Cases  (English), 处理过的案例 (Chinese)

Or, your are welcome to communicate with your HR Director / manager to bring this training to your organization / corporation.

Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

While the public continues to benefit from the one-to-one coaching carried out (refer Energy Psychology Coaching Service, and [Money Clinic] Coaching Service) , the corporation and organization can benefit from customized training on Mindset Emotion and Energy Psychology Training to develop internal skills as masterful coaches. (refer Specially for Organization / Corporation). Currently a long term contract is ongoing with a corporation on one to one coaching to the management, and developing them to be masterful internal coaches, thus creating a coaching culture.

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