By Andrew Wong      20th Jan., 2006
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An Exquisite NLP Practitioner: Mindset & Practices

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  An Exquisite NLP Practitioner: Mindset & Practices

An exquisite NLP practitioner is by the name of Mr. Zaw. He is both a renounced therapist and coach, not only in the region of South East Asia, but also internationally in the global village. As his influence and effectiveness in producing the outcome desired by his clients or non-clients grows more and more, there is need for him to document his learning and practice in books to benefit those who want to learn from him.

As an observer, we explore the mindsets and practices he uses to bring to his current success.

Mindsets & Practices

“The map is not the territory.” – This powerful pre-supposition is totally absorbed and internalized by Mr. Zaw. He is conscious of his limited mapping of things around him and this makes him humble. At the same time, “people work perfectly” & “People make the best choices available to them“ are applied to the people around him, clients or non-clients. Such acceptance and recognition of people around him already helps to win the major part of the battle in winning people over. Clients or non-clients do not come to him as inadequate or deficient, but “perfect”. This is a big contrast from traditional therapist or coach, who sees the clients having problems or as problem-people who needs help. It is also different from corporate and management approach, who always think staff or employee as having problems or need room for improvement.

Knowing that he “cannot not communicate”, he takes it as his responsibilities to always communicate differently, when he is not getting what he wants, as the “meaning of communication is the response he gets” from his clients or non-clients. And the resistance he gets from people around him is due to insufficient pacing or matching on his part. There is no blame to people, but only what extra knowledge and skills he needs to have in order to get what he wants. Believing and acting in the direction of these mindsets naturally drives him to be his own mastery of his complete being.

“People have all the resources they need to bring about change and success” is his focus, his trust and belief in the people. His role is to help to release the power and potentiality in them. His success is then dependent on the success of the people he works with.

He is aware that “the person with the most flexibility will control the system” and he is flexing himself making conscious choices, as “choice is better than no choice”. Respecting “experience has a structure” he deals on structures and not the contents, and this bring about change, and “change can be fast and easy.”

Observing His Practices and Mastery

When he meets a person, client or non-client, he exercises his maximum sensory acuity, taking in a lot of data and signals of that person, even to the extend of things unconscious by that person. This puts him in the position of knowing more about that person than that person knows about himself or herself. Mr. Zaw may not know the contents exactly, but he knows the thinking and sensory preferences of that person, preferences that person uses to take in information or process his own internal worldviews.

This helps to get into rapport with the people by matching those prominent sensory cues he picks up and predicates of the languages used. With good rapport, the person feels comfortable and at ease and not on guard or defensive, and will review more and more his or her inner thoughts or feeling. The person will think that Mr. Zaw has known him or her for many years, not only know his or her past but his or her thoughts, though Mr. Zaw only meets him or her the first time.

With the establishment of the rapport, Mr. Zaw can start to lead the person in the frame where the person can gain higher consciousness and awareness of his or her potentialities.

Phobia Cure

Phobia cure is a fairly standard intervention by NLP practitioner, whereby “associated” and “dis-associated” state techniques are used. Mr Zaw not only apply phobia cure in the standard NLP approach, he considers “phobia or any behavior” as a resourceful state, as behavior has a good intention, and he helps the people around him to make conscious choice what behavior to choose to produce the intended outcome. He constantly empowers people and gives them the freedom of choice,

Meta Model & Meta Program

Recognizing human limitation for not able to take in complete information for processing, but constantly delete, distort and generalize data, creating all sorts of responses and reactions or decisions, Mr Zaw not only has the ability to help people around him to restore, or make as complete the original picture or story, but also make them aware of the meta-programs they use, reviewing their inner vales, motives and belief.

Milton Model & Hypnosis

Using utterly vague language is another of Mr. Zaw’s skills in helping his clients or non-clients to get in touch with themselves, helping them to explore their enormous potentialities and capacities.  Milton model and language is also a technique used in hypnosis,  whereby the clients in trance state start to communicate with their own sub-conscious mind. Mr. Zaw is using much of Milton H. Erickson’s approaches and techniques. This makes Mr. Zaw a renounced therapist.

Timeline Therapy

Mr. Zaw uses Timeline Therapy and produces many interesting results.  For example, once he helped his client to understand his memory management strategies in a more conscious manner, the clients will begin to put things in perspective on his action, behavior and outcomes and produce the intended outcome more effectively.

Modeling Excellence

Modeling excellence was the underlying premise of the NLP founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Mr. Zaw has mastered the skills in modeling excellence, paying great attention to he strategies, utilization and sequencing or the use of sub-modalities, he is not only able to help clients in modeling after a preferred excellence, he is constantly leaning and upgrading his capabilities modeling after new skills or performance.

Robert Dilts’ Unified Field of NLP

 It is amazing to watch how Mr. Zaw coaches and transforms his client to the desired outcome by using Robert Dilts’ Model. He can quickly see the current situation of the client in the following levels a) spiritual, b) identity, c) belief d) capability, e) behavior and g) environment. He will then make some necessary changes and make sure that all the elements are congruent and co-exist so that good sustenance of the outcome can be achieved. No wonder why many change program fail when they only take care of some partial elements e.g. mindsets and behavior

Impact and Influence

Mr. Zaw’s impact is not only on the individuals whom he coaches, but also he begins to exert great influence on the organization. This is because he uses the same NLP principle, instead on focuses on the individual’s vision or outcome, he takes the whole organization vision as the goal in his coaching, by coaching on a few key stakeholders to create the shared visions.

As a result, many organizations begin to re-look on the conventional and often ineffective learning interventions like training, consultancy, or even coaching approach which is superficial.

Acquired Wisdom

We are all eagerly waiting for Mr. Zaw’s books, which will show his years of experiences and wisdom so that we can all accelerate our learning to help to create a better world for everyone.


EP Coach, Andrew

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