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Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Group Coaching using NP and EP

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

SF (Solution Focus)

EP (Energy  Psychology)

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  One day group coaching using Number Psychology and Energy Psychology was completed to a group of about 15 pax.

The following is a simple brief of the learning need and process used in facilitation and coaching and the feedback.


  • Participants from the public with age profile ranging from 29 to 56 years ago

  • General learning need is wanting to be successful in life, especially financially

  • Recognizing there could be mental, emotional and psychological blockages to their life goals.

The design of the one day (1st day of the 2-day workshop) is to

  • Help participants to identify as many blockages (mental imprints) from the past conditioning (especially childhood) particularly on attitudes and relationship with money

  • Carry out as much transformation of negative energies (arising from the mental, emotional, psychological) to positive energies to individuals and the group as a whole

  • Help participants to have better clarity of the personal visions.


  • Participants in sub-groups are facilitated to share their personal stories, thereby trigger each other the deeper hidden issues with clearer identification of negative emotions and limiting beliefs

  • The arising negative emotions and limiting beliefs are being balanced and transformed into positive energy using Energy Psychology, to individual or collectively as a group.

  • Participants (in pairs) are taught and coached to help each other to “walk” into the past history of negative experience, balance the negative and re-write the history and carrying out visioning into the future.

  • Participants are grouped in accordance to their similar numerological number in a large healing circle, to discover their hidden potentials using Number Psychology, and one by one, being coached on their clarity of their life goals, in congruency with their emotion and body sensation.

The following is a sample of some the participants feedback.

  • I finally got to know the reason behind my setback. I am now much clearer about my life direction. This would not happen without Andrew’s powerful and experiential coaching in the class. I regret not having to come to know about him earlier in my life   -  Sunny Tan

  • It is wonderful to learn how we can transform, flip and transmute negative energy of bad experiences to a good energy source.
    And how we can use emotions and feelings in our visualization to make vision more vivid.
    The trainer has done a marvelous job.
    I have learned the way to accept mistakes that I’ve done in my past.

  • I found my inner issues which were ingrained in myself for the past 20 years. I now learned how to acknowledge the negative feeling, accept the negative feeling and forgive that negative feeling.
    I ‘m glad this experience of uncovering my negative emotions come to me at such a early stage of my life. This is one type of experience / knowledge that I can carry with my life.
    Andrew have done a great job in the workshop. The appropriate number of participant in the workshop gave all of us sufficient time to share and express our own concerns. All interactive sections carried out by the facilitator is also very well carried out
       Jessica Ho (29 yrs old)

  • Feel grateful on exploration on the past history and able to “recreate” the scenario of history again with own ideas that change my weakness, transform to some kind of potential for me to grow / explore new area.   Benny Kuok

  • My reflection today is I get to know my damaged emotion and it can be recovered with regular Energy Psychology exercise. I want to get myself congruent in Mind, Heart and Body as a hoslistic person
    Overall thank you Andrew for dong a wonderful job / sharing today
     Dr. Peter Yee

  • Today I discovered that my mind, emotion and body must be in balanced energy for me to have the results I want to change.
    I earned in the process of how to clear negative energy for me to be in balance
    Not to be totally logical and ignore the heart and vice-versa
    Has helped me to be aware of myself better as it is practical.
        Mei Lee

  • What I learned today most is removing my past negative memories and negative thoughts . Healing through Energy Psychology. Balancing between my mind and feelings. Important to see healing and how to raise the level of my score for the better. I learn to witness the blockages (mental, emotional and psychological) to allow the energy to flow freely.
    Facilitator gives a good understanding to overcome the negatives in me and healing. Bring up the potentials in me.

Organizations wish to have such a workshop, or customized to their learning needs, please contact undersigned. Organizations are welcome to request for training of the tools (Number Psychology and Energy Psychology) so that they can design / facilitate and coach their own internal workshops.


EP Coach, Andrew

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)

A new service is launched - "NP-Your Potentialities Report Writing Service"

Number Psychology training for the public  refer : “Number Psychology” (English), "數字心理學" (Chinese), with Participants feedback (English), 学员学习心得 (Chinese)

Energy Psychology training for the public  refer : “Energy Psychology (English), "能量心理學" (Chinese), with Cases  (English), 处理过的案例 (Chinese)

Or, your are welcome to communicate with your HR Director / manager to bring this training to your organization / corporation.

Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

While the public continues to benefit from the one-to-one coaching carried out (refer Energy Psychology Coaching Service, and [Money Clinic] Coaching Service) , the corporation and organization can benefit from customized training on Mindset Emotion and Energy Psychology Training to develop internal skills as masterful coaches. (refer Specially for Organization / Corporation). Currently a long term contract is ongoing with a corporation on one to one coaching to the management, and developing them to be masterful internal coaches, thus creating a coaching culture.

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  Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation  
  Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)  
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