By Andrew Wong      1st August, 2005 / Revised Sept 2010

Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Making NLP SF EP NP into Unconscious Competency 

- A Strategic Approach

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

SF (Solution Focus)

EP (Energy  Psychology

NP (Number Psychology


This website is a series of articles on NLP SF EP NP applications  and the derived learning to share with the Internet communities. The derived learning is from coaching carried out to ner 400 clients, and series of training conducted under the integrated model of "Energy Psychology and Number Psychology" .

A KL EP Community Practice was organized as per site : KL EP Practice Groups whereby members share and exchange views on the practice of NLP, SF, EP and NP.. 

Unique service  for Organizations, refer  "Energy Psychology Service for Organization 

Energy Psychology coaching service  for the public  and its Training

Money Clinic Coaching Service

Energy Psychology Training

Number Psychology Training

Unleashing Potentials towards Organizational Excellence Training

(These articles are currently free for reading)

Articles on Energy Psychology / Number Psychology Application
    12 Coaching Cases in One day
    Introducing NP/EP Coaching to Political Organization
    Overly Concern creates Negative Energy
    Goal and Potentiality
Group Coaching using NP and EP     中文版
Not Knowing One is Lost
“I must be strong!” (Positive Thinking Backfires)   中文版
I will Take the Whole World
Tomorrow Never Comes 中文版
Unhappiness Due to Non-alignment with Inner Calling
Balancing Ambitions / Childhood Imprint 中文版
Problems are Learning Opportunity In Disguise
Balancing Perfectionism     中文版
When Solutions are the Problems  中文版
Unconscious Self-sabotaging Pattern
    “Don’t think Negative” – a good strategy?
    The Language of Energy
    When New Zealand is beautiful, what can be not so beautiful?
    Energy Psychology and Personality
    An Angry Mother and A Corporation
    Some Concepts on Energy Psychology Coaching
Limiting Belief - the Danger, yet Unknown
Articles on NLP SF EP Application
Creating the ‘Wants’ in you - Practicing Strategy on ‘What do I want in life?’
Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
Creating Rapport Using Meta-Programs
An Exquisite NLP Practitioner: Mindset & Practices
What does it mean exactly "Client’s Agenda" in coaching relationship?
Changing Goals during Coaching Session
Solution Focus - a new tool, with what limitations?
Coaching Form 6 Students on Motivation
Coaching 12-yr old girl with self-inflicted pain problem
Law of Attraction – why it still does not work?
Coaching Territory Mapped by Coaches
Tougher Now for Employee and Organization
Taipei Learning Appetite - (Individual Learning / Organization Learning)


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