By Andrew Wong      23rd  Feb  2010
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When New Zealand is beautiful, what can be not so beautiful?

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It is a wonderful 10-day trip to New Zealand for me and my family – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. We met many old friends there too.

New Zealand is a beautiful country – nature, scenic places, people, culture, system of life : economic, business, education, politics etc. There are many more qualified description and documentation on this topic, and for that I can excuse myself not to describe further, but to share some reflections.

I contacted one New Zealander Energy Psychology coach and had the following discussion: (Note: I am surprised to know so many EP practitioners in New Zealand)

I asked.

“I am curious on how Energy Psychology is received in New Zealand, having observations made that NZ being a beautiful and peaceful country, people should generally be happy and healthy...”

And the reply was ..

“NZ people are just as emotionally challenged as other countries, despite perhaps having a good standard of living. Many people notice what they don’t have rather than being grateful for what they do have. There is plenty of work for an EP practitioner. It's just getting people educated to treat their unresolved emotional issues when they are not used to doing that."

When sharing the above with another EP practitioner in Singapore, she wrote:

“Singapore is a safe and peaceful country, yet people are highly stressed.”

Many people in less developed countries look towards countries with higher standard of living, resulting in good number of people migrating. It is natural people aspire higher standard and many strive and work hard towards such a goal.

I also observe a mix of different behaviors and attitudes, regarding better place elsewhere, and hence the article title; “When New Zealand is beautiful, what can be not so beautiful?”. New Zealand is just symbolic of another thing, place or country which is perceived as better.

Paradise found?

I have a neighbor in Malaysia, who for many years complained a lot of things in the country, from educational system to political, economic etc. etc. Finally he and his family migrated to another country (not NZ though). Every time we meet during his visit to Malaysia, it is obvious that 100% of his conversation is all praises of the good things he enjoys in the new country and upon comparison, more complaints about his original country. He tries hard to persuade his friends to migrate too. He has found his paradise.

Last year, after my Bhutan trip, a beautiful country with happy people, I begin to appreciate beauties in Malaysia. And I also get more motivated to learn to transform less happiness or satisfaction in people and organization in where I stay to somewhat a happier and more satisfactory condition.

Maybe my old neighbor, like the NZ EP coach, can one day realize there is no place that is an utopia. Whatever place it maybe, there are always challenges.

He may not realize his excessive complaints of his original country may indicate his own inner lacking or dissatisfaction, not able to experience some inner peace and thereby disrupts the energy or Qi in him.

Envy and Complaint

Thing, place, people perceived as good, beautiful, in comparison with current reality experienced negatively can often lead to envy and complaints.

Complaints can be a powerful initial trigger towards better change and transformation. But the problem with complaints is, often, vicious circle gets created, generating more frustration, dissatisfaction and unhappiness, thereby draining off more vital energy for well being.

Different people try to cope with the negatives generated in different way, but seldom squarely face and accept the negatives. This may result in self-denial or escapism. Again the Qi or Energy can get disrupted.

Complaint syndrome is prevalent, unfortunately not leading towards positive actions or desired change.

To a larger scale, complaint syndrome has become a culture in itself, permeating to all levels of the society, whether advanced or developing countries. Complaints usually come with envy of things not happening or not available, consciously or unconsciously.

There can be many examples ….

  • Students educated in advanced countries, have a lot of complaints when they come home after graduation. It is natural as they experienced a higher standard of living, with more quality of life in many aspects. Complaints can be lower salary back home, poor transportation system, unfair treatment from employer, corruptions in the country with little transparency. They feel powerless to make changes, and draining off more energy in complaints. (This sets one to wonder the purpose of education, or has the “good education” received missed out the important element of Self-Empowerment to make changes?)

  • In the corporate world, there are endless complaints from staff about the management’s business strategies, human resource policy etc., and equally large number of complaints from management about staff poor attitudes or lack of initiatives. (Though many training programs delivered, consultancy services engaged, sustainable positive change is hardly seen)

  • Citizen complaints about their in-efficient, and / or corrupted government, perhaps thinking that the more complaints they raise the government will change by itself for the better to their expectation. (Again no concrete and positive follow up action strategized and taken, individually and collectively to make change happen!)

  • People with heath problems, making complaint like life is not fair to them, blaming external factors and cannot come to term with their pain and suffering with acceptance, thereby creating more stress.

  • In many countries, we see a certain race feels threatened by other races in the country, externalized their fear, focus their attention and energy to fight the perceived enemies in other races, who they claim rob off their livelihood etc. It may start with complaints, then escalate into hatred and violence. A good case in point is the German during Hitler’s era, perceived Jews as their threats, resulting in killing of millions in the concentration camp. (The people concerned, the policy makers, the government are not aware to seek power within self to create the positive change they desire)

Human Nature.

The general theme or mindset of the above example is : whatever one experiences as negative (individually, collectively or organizationally), not fulfilling one’s expectation, the conclusion is that there are external causes, the enemies are out there that block our happiness, security etc

With the above theme, we can have many different examples of facets of human life – lacking something, dissatisfaction, frustration, and yet feeling powerless and unworthy to take any positive action to initiate change.

The title “When New Zealand is beautiful, what can be not so beautiful?” is then a discussion of human nature – both beautiful and not so beautiful..

Energy Psychology Coaching

One of the approaches used in EP coaching is :

Accept What Cannot be Changed

Change what Cannot be Accepted

There is no fixed formula for everyone on what can be accepted, what cannot; what can be changed and what cannot. Different individual and corporation have different threshold limits.

We help the client (coachee) to distinguish what is to be accepted and what change is needed, In doing so, we further create clarity on accept / change with respect to external world and internal world.

External world, or perceived reality is often a projection of the individual’s inner world. When the inner world is calm, so is the external, when the inner world is not so beautiful, the external world appears to be so.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now” coined a useful and effective term called “Pain Body” , the internal and inherent pain and suffering in oneself, with negative emotions, psychology and beliefs.

This Pain Body blocks our Qi or Energy flow, making us less free to go with the flow of life.

EP coaching helps client (individual or corporate) to identify the Pain Body, with acknowledgement and acceptance. When the client takes the courage to face the internal negatives, truth will be set free and new solutions are found for positive action, individually and organizationally.


Response from Readers ...

> A good trip and very encouraging, good article and powerful positive message. You are right, we should have less complaint and stay positive at all time.

My reply ....

Thank you for your encouraging comments.

You wrote:

>we should have less complaint and stay positive at all time.

Yes, that is the aim.

At the same time, we need to recognize that manifestation of negatives, be it complaints, negative feelings or emotions are NOT conscious act by the person concerned. And often it is very challenging to have less complaints and stay positive at all time.

Let me give a few examples how staying positive can be a daunting task :

  • A cancer patient complaints of pain (which is unbearable), and more negative emotions arise e.g. worry about death, anxiety about surviving family, missions un-accomplished etc.
  • A businessman losses every penny, goes bankrupt, creditors chase after him, threatens his family lives.
  • A lady, sexually abused or raped, developed phobia towards any man approaching her.
  • An employee about to be sacked by the management.
  • An CEO facing legal action due to the fire in his manufacturing facilities that kill several people.
  •  Etc.

In using Energy Psychology, we do not use Will Power as that add more pressure and stress to the suffering parties. We help claim (like above) to witness, face and transmute the negatives to positive energies.


Another reader's remark ...

> I think it is indeed easier said than done about staying positive

Interestingly Energy Psychology procedure makes it fairly simple, once the principles are understood.

Hope you and your network have a chance to learn more about Energy Psychology.


EP Coach, Andrew

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