By Andrew Wong      5th July  2010 ???
Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Balancing Perfectionism

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This is a case of how Number Psychology is used to help a client, coupled with the use of Energy Psychology.

Number Psychology is a simple, yet effective and fast tool to help the client to zoom in the problems and issues, at the same time maintain an overall direction of the life goals.

Energy Psychology is then used to balance the negative energies arising from the limiting beliefs, negative emotions.

Then EP coaching is applied to help the client to move forward to create the desire results.

Client's background:

  • Many years unstable, having a young family with 3 kids. She finds it difficult to help her children development as she herself is often in physical illness, mental stress.

  • On physical illness, she suffers problems in her throat, nose and with frequent headache, weaknesses. She tries all sorts of supplements, diets, medicine (western and traditional), supplement without long term good effect.

  • She Went through many different types of therapies (yoga, dance, music, massage etc. She even tried different religious faiths to find true self and peace , still they did not help much.

  • Several years ago, major negative incident happened at parents' home, a dear family member died of disease, followed by much emotional upheavals.

  • She is talented in writing articles, helping her to express her innermost feeling, However she is not determined, nor disciplined, hence often procrastinate to write and easily get dissatisfied with many small things around, say in the house environment, room setting etc. as reasons not to proceed writing.

The above important information about the client is derived from coaching questions based on Number Psychology. In this way, the client gets a more holistic picture of herself and thus raise a bit of her own consciousness.

How does Number Psychology further help in coaching the client to stay focused and move forward to generate new energy to her life?

The numbers in her birthdate indicate the above issues / challenges she faces. The numbers also guide a directional path for the client to regain her energy. Then the coaching techniques come in to ask the focused and powerful questions. That is, coaching questions derived from the clues from the Numbers.


  • The overall inclination of the client from the number is a Perfectionist. Hence coaching questions for her to imagine how Perfectionists help make contribution to mankind, referring to some famous people in history and the world. thereby charging her with positive energy that there is role to be played, when she learns to master the skills to balance Perfectionism with Reality.

  • The numbers also indicate her emerging talents in Expression (in her case, writing) , then the coaching questions help direct her how to can be more disciplined in expression in writing. .. these can also help to release her negative energies stored from the past unpleasant experiences, with negative emotions. (I have cases of clients when their negative emotions are well balanced, many of their physical illness diminishes or disappears.)

  • More coaching to help reinforced her stability and focus of mind e.g. focus on the next two weeks what little achievement with joys to accomplish etc

.Note: More detailed discussion is with participants who are trained by me in Number Psychology, using numerology technical terms which have meaning to them only (hence the above does not show in more details the methodology).

You are encouraged to learn this field, numerology, from books and internet to enhance you coaching effectiveness. A word of advice, do not use the tool for determination of fate (typically in the books or market seminars), but creation of desired fate to accomplish using coaching techniques.

Hope you find the above useful.

EP Coach, Andrew

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

Energy Psychology Coaching Service for Corporation (6-8 months follow up services)

A new service is launched - "NP-Your Potentialities Report Writing Service"

Number Psychology training for the public  refer : “Number Psychology” (English), "數字心理學" (Chinese), with Participants feedback (English), 学员学习心得 (Chinese)

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Or, your are welcome to communicate with your HR Director / manager to bring this training to your organization / corporation.

Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

While the public continues to benefit from the one-to-one coaching carried out (refer Energy Psychology Coaching Service, and [Money Clinic] Coaching Service) , the corporation and organization can benefit from customized training on Mindset Emotion and Energy Psychology Training to develop internal skills as masterful coaches. (refer Specially for Organization / Corporation). Currently a long term contract is ongoing with a corporation on one to one coaching to the management, and developing them to be masterful internal coaches, thus creating a coaching culture.

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