By Andrew Wong      24th Dec., 2005
Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Creating Rapport using Meta-programs

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The following are my observations of how a person uses meta-programs (most of the time un-consciously) in creating rapports with another person, or fails to create rapport when using the other opposite scale of the meta-programs.

The context is a person, whom we want to create rapport with, is upset, unhappy or annoyed about an event, and we are not the direct parties involved in that un-pleasant event.

How do we create rapport with that person using meta-program?

Here we assume that you are aware of your own habitual meta-programs, which you automatically or unconsciously have been using. With such awareness, you be flexible to move to the appropriate meta-programs to achieve your intended results in creating rapport with the person.

  • Chunk Size: General / Specific; Global / Detail; Deductive, Inductive, Abductive

The use of the chunk size should be small, or details specific to that person’s issues at hand, not large. The problem with chunk size in global or large is in the mode of bringing in other perspectives, which is not the timing in creating rapport. The person at this moment is not ready to see the larger picture. Hence, do not try to bring in different dimensions to look at the situation.

  • Relationship Sort: Matching / Mismatching; Sameness or Difference / Opposite; Agree / Disagree

Obviously, for creating rapport, we need to apply matching, and not mis-matching Though we may not agree with him or her, we do not bring in opposite views during this stage of creating rapport.

  • Emotional State Sort: Associated / Dissociated: Feeling / Thinking

To be emphatically is to be in a state of association, with feeling, not detached or trying to be objective. It is difficult to establish rapport in a dissociated or detached state.

  • Representational System Sort: Visual / Auditory / Kinesthetic / Auditory-digital

This is a basic NLP practice in taking cues on that person sub-modalities and match with them

  • Information Gathering Sort: Uptime / Downtime

When we are in the mode of Uptime, we are more conscious and aware of that person’s sensory experience and state of mind. Avoid Downtime or internal dialogue, that leads to all sorts of speculations or hallucination.

  • Perceptual Categories Sort: Black-and-white Vs Continuum

Use Black-and-white, i.e. following that person’s position.

  • Philosophical Direction: Why/How, Origins / Solution process 

This is not the time to deal on this philosophical direction. Just listen emphatically, ask “What, which, when”

  • Epistemology Sort: Sensors / Intuitors

Use more of the sensors as your inituation may lead to wide speculation again.

  • “Time” Tenses sort: Past / Present / Future

Focus on the present or past, as per the story of the person you want to create rapport with, not future. He or she may not be in the mood to talk about the future.

  • “Time” Experience: In Time, Through Time; Sequential Vs Random Sorting

Be “in time” with the person’s expereince and world, no need to put in logical order of the “through time”

Avoid, switch off, or disable all the followings, some of which are not applicable or relevant, or not so useful :

  • Scenario Thinking Style: Best-Case vs Worst-case Scenario Thinking; Optimists / Pessimists
  • Perceptual Durability Sort: Permeable / Impermeable
  • Focus Sort: Screeners / Non-screeners
  • Reality Structure Sort: Aristotelian / Non-Aristotelian (Static / Process)
  • Communication Channel Preference: Verbal (Digital) / Non-Verbal (Analogue), Balanced
  • Emotional Coping or Stress Response Pattern: Passivity / Aggression / Assertiveness
  • Frame of Reference or Authority Sort: Internal / External: Self-Referent / Other-referent
  • Somatic Response Sort: Active / Reflective / Inactive
  • The Convincer or Believability Sort: Looks, Sounds, or Feels Right; Make sense : Automatically, Repetition, Time Period, Never
  • Emotional Direction Sort: Uni-directional / Multi-directional
  • Emotional Intensity / Exuberance Sort. Desurgency / Surgency  Timidity / Boldness
  • Direction Sort: Towards / Away from, Past Assurance / Future possibilities; Approach / Avoidance
  • Conation Choice in Adapting: Options / Procedures
  • Adaptation Sort: Judging / Perceiving, Controlling / Floating
  • Reasons Sort of Modal Operations: Necessity / Possibility / Desire; Stick-carrot
  • Preference Sort: Primary Interest – People / Place / Things / Activities / Information
  • Goal Sort – Adapting to Expectations: Perfection / Optimization / Skepticism
  • Value Buying Sort: Cost / Convenience / Quality / Time
  • Responsibilities Sort: Over-Responsibility / Under-responsibility
  • People Convincer Sort Distrusting / Trusting
  • Rejuvenation of Battery Sort: Extravert, Ambivert, Introvert
  • Affiliation and Management Sort: Independent / Team player / Manager
  • Communication Stance Sort: Blamer, Placater, Distractor, Computer, Leveler
  • General Response: Congruent / Incongruent Competitive / Cooperative / Polarity / Meta
  • Somatic Response Style: Active / Reflective / Both / Inactive (In social context)
  • Work Preference Sort: Things / Systems / People / Information
  • Comparison Sort: Quantitative / Qualitative
  • Knowledge Sort: Modeling / Conceptualizing / Demonstrating / Experiencing / Authorizing
  • Completion / Closure Sort: Closure / Non-closure
  • Social Presentation: Shrewd and Artful / Genuine and Artless
  • Hierarchical Dominance Sort: Power / Affiliation / Achievement
  • Value sort: Emotional “Needs” / Beliefs
  • Temper to Instruction sort: Strong-Will / Compliant
  • Self-esteem sort: Conditional / Unconditional ; High / Low self-esteem
  • Self-confidence sort: High / Low
  • Self-experience sort: Mind / Emotion / Body / Role / / Position / Spirit
  • Self-integrity : Conflicted Incongruity / Harmonious Integration
  • “Time” Access Sort : Random / Sequential
  • Ego Strength Sort: Unstable / Stable ; Reactive / Proactive
  • Morality Sort: Weak / Strong Super-ego
  • Causational Sort: Causeless, Linear CE (Cause-effect), Multi-CE, Personal CE, External CE, Magical, Correlational

EP Coach, Andrew

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