By Andrew Wong      24th Jan  2009
Number Psychology and Energy Psychology  Articles Series

Coaching Form 6 Students on Motivation

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A 4-hr workshop was conducted to a group of near 70 Form 6 students.

According to the teacher and counselor, the students take things easy and are not motivated to study hard, even though  they are  in the year of Form 6 public exam, which will determine their opportunity for further study.

Undersigned was engaged as coach and facilitator for the workshop, and some presentation slides were prepared for the coaching and facilitation, under the topic of “Managing The Future & Motivation”.

The first hour of the workshop, before 20 min. recess break, was carried out to create rapport with the students, and gather more information and sentiments on them. The following observations were made, using facilitation process to elicit their mindsets and thinking pattern:

  • The room is rather cramped, 2-classroom capacity with 70 students for the workshop
  • Energy level of the students was high : they responded enthusiastically during the simple ice-breaking and introduction.
  • There was high intensive conversation in the sub-group when open topic was given for their own conversation, although there was no monitoring whether they talked off-topic or not. (But energy level was high, hence good resourcefulness to tap on)
  • About 20+ % of the students actively participated in voicing their views, sharing their stories, or volunteering during experiential activities. (A few wanted to volunteer several times)
  • They openly admitted that they are not motivated to study hard, as they do not know how to be motivated, even they wanted to.
  • They are fun-loving teenagers and they acknowledge they did not and do not face hardship in life. Their parents are not wealthy, neither poor.
  • Most of their parents are small traders, employee – but not professionals or highly educated. This could have a big bearing on their behavior. (see more observations below)
  • The students do not have clear visions of their future, say 10 yrs from now. For e.g. they response by saying they want 2M – money and marriage. But have no clue doing what to get the money, professional, businessman or robbers.
  • They could not imagine worse consequences to their life, if they remind un-motivated, after all they have not experienced any hardship in life.
  • They have little reference models or people they admire to learn from, except a few local politicians, some famous singers, etc. But they also have no clue what it takes for them to be successful.
  • Of course, they have very little clues what they should be doing right now, in order to stay motivated or to somehow realize the little ideas they have about the future.
  • (Remember, they are fun-loving, full of energy, they want to be motivated but do not know how, ….)
  • Energy Psychology was applied to gauge what negative feeling or emotion arising from not motivated., .. with little response i.e. they do not feel anything. Psychology-conversation, nevertheless, was carried out, to make subtle suggestions of possible guilt feeling, hidden fear, or future regret.

i.e. to bring to their conscious minds

During the subsequent hours of the workshop, coaching approach was carried out, having individuals coming out to the class to share their thoughts or difficulties to be motivated, what they do and do not know

Interestingly, many did volunteer to the front to share, still with high energy. Example: “I want to stay motivated to do my homework, but I keep postponing it! “(Procrastination!),  “After some coaching question, another person reviewed “I need external pressure to drive me “ “I can’t find the passion and fire in me” (or words to that effect), “I have a dilemma, I do not have any goal in my life hence I cannot be motivated”,  something like “I don’t know what I don’t know. What can I do then?” …..

The coaching Approach

Using the data or story presented by the students, coaching approach was used, with the following strategies:

  • Relating and leveraging on their past resourcefulness to move forward.
  • Get them to provide more options in their seemingly stuck situations
  • Tell small stories related to their situations :to encourage them, or to have them forgive their own short-coming as negative emotion seldom become compelling driving force in life
  • More  engagement among themselves, to have their own conversation

The following key message was emphasized to both the students and teachers, i.e. to stay motivated, the occasional motivation talk by professional speakers or teachers cannot be sustaining, i.e. such talk may motivate for a while, but can quickly vanish in thin air

It is the regular, frequent avenues created for the students to have action, reflection and plan for next action (even small talks like volunteer to the front to share a story) on things that matters, to find and share ideas on other people successful stories (since there is such limitation from their family and parents), to learn and conduct more their own coaching-conversation among themselves, … thereby increasing their capacity and capability, daily, bit by bit.

At the end of the workshop, the motivation level of the whole class, somewhat increased to about 25-30%, using subjective measurement method, before and after the workshop. Again such increased motivation can not last if there is no follow up. (Similarly, companies and corporations invest huge sum of money in training and consultancy, but without follow up and disciplined practice of class learning, with skillful management intervention, little desired  outcome is realized)  

My Reflection

  • Education system emphasized too much on downloading of information, ideas, advice … hence students are mostly on receiving ends, not thinking on their feet. Teachers are trained to teach, not coach the students to make have their own self-discovery and find their own solutions. Especially those students who have lower self-esteem, or lack of skills in expressing their thoughts, and hence less responsive, the tendency is for the teacher to give them quick answers, advice or direction. But people seldom learn from other people’s ideas and belief, but people learn from their own inner conviction and passion. Inner conviction and passion are to be nurtured, not quickly be given the answers.
  • Similar pattern of behavior exist in organizations and corporation. A large number of executives, or even management, are on compliance-behavior, they wait for instructions / direction from higher up : executives act upon manager’s instructions, managers act upon Management instructions, and Management act upon Board of Directors instructions. There is little sense of ownership and independent thinking. Of course, in business organization, stakes are high, if one rocks the boat, there are consequences like pay cut or sacking or not getting the promotion. Maybe, It needs not be the case if education system brings up students independent thinkers.
  • Another similar pattern of behavior of not unleashing individual potentials, but downloading of information, instructions or advocacy from a few is in the business meeting, whether it is held in profit, non-profit organizations or schools, or clubs, …. Chair-person and a few dominated the meeting with their advocacy, with some Q&A, but many ideas remain un-expressed or not-discovered. And the business meeting usually drags on for hours.
  • In this time of economic crisis, more and more un-motivated, not thinking on their own feet people will really create more burdens to the society.
  • The fundamental skills for people who want to develop other human being potentials are Facilitation and Coaching.

EP Coach, Andrew

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Numerology (Number Psychology, helps to get more information for effective coaching like the above. Unlike many profiling tools used by corporation / companies (more expensive too), it is a much simpler and effective tool, with revelation of more hidden messages.

Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

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