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An unique service to corporation / organization to unleash organizational potentials using the powerful technique of Energy Psychology Coaching approach

The uniqueness of the service is in helping organization to practice the fine principles, theories to effect mindset and behavioral change to produce intended tangible results.

Three essential Knowledge and Skills sets are offered.

  1. Simple tools to know strength and weakness (and deeper psychology) of self and others for improvement - Number Psychology: (1-day)
  2. Shifting Limiting Beliefs and enhancing Emotional Intelligence - Energy Psychology (1-day)
  3. Coaching to take positive action and move forwards :
    Unleashing Potentials with Balance towards Organizational Excellence (2-day)

Followed by facilitating and coaching leaders to master the coaching skills through practices, over a period of time. Suggested sequence a) 1-day Number Psychology training, with one month practice, b) 2nd month, 1-day Energy Psychology training with another month practice, c) 3rd month 2-day EP Coaching training, more practice integrating the 3 sets of tools.

A few number of follow up coaching sessions are provided by QLS after each of the above training programs.

Interested corporations / organizations to contact QLS for more detailed brief and demonstration of EP coaching.

Please contact

Andrew Wong
QuaSyLaTic Learning System  (Company Profile)              Curriculum Vitae

h/p +6 012-606 1525
eMail : andrew360q@gmail.com

Introducing EP Coaching to Corporation

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Energy Psychology Service for Organization





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