One-day Workshop

Calming the mind of Cancer Patient




Looking for a simpler healing system, non-invasive, no side effect, to overcome some of your persistent pain and suffering?


 Energy Psychology healing system is non-invasive, & has no side effect.


No will power is required, as it may increase more stress.


How much past emotional, psychological  wounds inflicted in you and yet you do not know!


How to dissolve the negative emotions, belief and psychology that get in the way of your wellness?




When you or a loved one is faced with the frightening diagnosis of cancer, it's natural to experience feelings like hopelessness, fear, anger and despair.

In an already stressful life, this terrible news is a great load to add on to one’s shoulder.

One can’t help to lament many tasks un-accomplished, many promising goals in life for one-self and those dear ones un-fulfilled. Memories of existing and old wounds, hurt feeling, negative emotions come flooding uncontrollably.

We know it is futile to think that way. We know it will only make things worse. Some may try, using will-power to suppress it – the negative energy, some ignore it, but we know it is there – the increasing stored negative energy correlates to the fast deterioration of cancer, inflicting more pain and suffering.

We sincerely encourage you to join this one day workshop, where Energy Psychology healing method is used to calm your mind, in a natural way, without force, without will power. Healing takes place faster when negative energies are dissolved naturally.


In Energy Psychology, we use coaching conversation to calm your mind, activating the Qi-flow by tapping at the accupoints . We also leverage on the collective group energies to heal each other.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To identity underlying negative beliefs, emotions and psychology that contribute or make worse the cancer condition.
  • To practice collectively in the class the resolution of some of these negatives energies and transformation to positive energies.
  • To learn the healing process for self-application..

Workshop Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Perception of importance of psychology, emotion and belief systems on health
  • Current State of Mind and Energy Boosting
  • Your social conditioning affecting your current condition (1st set of negatives)
  • Past and current contributing factors
    • Negative emotions
    • Sabotaging psychology
    • Limiting Beliefs
  • Resolving the above negatives collectively, with some cases of volunteering individuals, and cross-healing among participants (if necessary)
  • Healing Techniques explained  and taught for self-practice.

Note: This is a Workshop, not training program nor theory / lecture, but experiential learning and action-participation.

Workshop Duration : One day 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Maximum pax : 20 

Language : English / Mandarin

How the Workshop is Organized?

(within Klang valley, different pricing for out-station / overseas)

  • Interested parties (from the public) to register (Tel +06012-606 1525, or  eMail  When min. 5 participants confirmed , a date is announced, usually weekend Sat or Sun, venue at Brickfield,MAP  MAP2 9.00 am to 5 pm. Lunch Not  provided. Fee RM 200 per pax (Fee on the increase over time). EP Student : RM 50/person for learning reinforcement.
  • Interested parties (from the public) can organize with a min. 10 pax at their own venue, refreshment arrangement. (e.g. Organic shop owner) Fee: RM 150 per pax.(Fee on the increase over time)
  • Interested event-organizer / training agent to mobilize participants (max 20) and provide workshop venue / refreshment and charge a reasonable fee to participants. A lump sum fee is chargeable to the organizer. Please contact under-singed.


Coach / Trainer


Refer Cases Handled


Interested parties to experience the above please contact Andrew  ( ) or hp +6012-606 1525, for more information.




One-day Workshop

Calming the mind of Cancer Patient




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