Proposed One-day Workshop


Emotional Intelligence in Profitable Forex Trading


  This proposal is made for client - Forex Trading School.

When losses trigger negative emotion and psychology, more looses incurred.


Anxiety and fear kill cancer patient faster than the disease
Thrill and addiction bankrupt the gambler, not bad luck.
Self denial gets drunk forever stuck. Hallucination and illusion have mental patient detached from reality. Such negative psychology, emotion and belief make investors / traders losers


 Trading is against your Belief system, not market. Do you really know your own belief system?


How much past emotional, psychological  wounds inflicted in you and yet you do not know!


How to dissolve the negative emotions, belief and psychology that get in the way of your trading?


You can succeed in trading only in you handle it as a serious intellectual pursuit. Emotional trading is lethal. To help ensure success, practice defensive money management. A good trader watches his capital as carefully as a professional scuba diver watches his air supply. - Alexander Elder "Trading for a Living"


Forex trading is gaining popularity due to its enormous potentials in realizing one’s financial dream. After being trained in Forex trading, one can start trading online with simple process.

Especially with initial easy gain in small account or virtual trading, traders begin to think that trading is easy and soon they find that their capital get eroded with looses.
On the hindsight, there are many regrets and negative emotional charges when consistency in profit making cannot be sustained and more losses incurred.

This affects one’s psychic and state of mind, which impact in more looses in trading.
Realization sets in – one has ignored the critical importance of investment psychology and emotional intelligence.

This one-day “Emotional Intelligence in Forex Trading” workshop is designed with the above as the background.

Workshop Title: Emotional Intelligence in Profitable Forex Trading

Workshop Objectives:

  • To identity underlying negative beliefs, emotions and psychology that interfere with sound trading.
  • To practice collectively in the class the resolution of some of these negatives.
  • To learn the healing process for self-application.

Workshop Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Perception of importance of trading psychology, emotion and belief systems
  • Current State of Mind and Energy Boosting
  • Your social conditioning on Money Matter (1st set of negatives)
  • Learning points on Trading strategies (from previous trading)
  • Degree of compliance to the above
  • What went wrong in actual trading?
  • Identifying : (2nd set of negatives)
    • Negative emotions
    • Sabotaging psychology
    • Limiting Beliefs
  • Resolving the above negatives collectively, with some cases of volunteering individuals, and cross-healing among participants (if necessary)
  • Re-calibrate : “Perception of importance of trading psychology, emotion and belief systems”
  • Healing Techniques explained for self-practice.

Note: This is a Workshop, not training program nor theory / lecture, but experiential learning and action-participation.

Workshop Duration : One day 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Maximum pax : 20 



  • Participants must have attended Forex training by the same training school, thus having the same trading strategies and systems. Preferably participants experienced emotional upsets in Forex trading losses.
  • The organizer of the workshop to give a hardcopy of the Forex training manual (same as given to the participates) to the undersigned, QLS (QuaSyLaTic Learning System), to help to align psychology, emotion and beliefs to the taught trading strategies and system.
  • The workshop can be conducted in English, or Mandarin or both.
  • A simple handout on the healing techniques will be given to the participants.
  • A spacious room with participants sit in cluster of 4-5 people, equipped with flipchart stand c/w paper / pens, screen for slides presentation.
  • Workshop organizer to mobilize participants, enrolment, provide training room, refreshment or lunch.

A lump sum fee for the design, development and delivery of the program-workshop to be further discussed. 


Coach / Trainer


Interested parties to experience the above please contact Andrew  ( ) or hp +6012-606 1525, for more information.




Proposed One-day Workshop


Emotional Intelligence in Profitable Forex Trading



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