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This webpage first started with focus on Unit Trust and its relationship with the market forces. As the basic operating theory is the use of Technical Analysis, the scope is now expanded to Stock Market / Bond / Currency / Future / Option.

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UT 01 What is Unit Trust? These pages are password protected.

Club members are given the password.

Friends and interested parties are also given the password for review.

If you find the articles / analysis useful, and wish to introduce to your friends. please email me their emails addresses and particulars so that I could further follow up with them.

The password is periodically changed to protect the intellectual property and the club members interest.

UT 02 Analysis of a Typical Unit Trust Fund Performance
UT 03 Why Invest in Unit Trust?
UT 04 Buy and Sell Zone for Maximum Profit
UT 05 Re-look 23 years of KLCI ( Mac 2001)
UT 06 Potential of High Unit Trust Industry Growth in Malaysia
UT 07 What Strategies to Recover from Earlier Investment mistake 
UT 08 Trends and Implications of Unit Trust Fund Industry Growth in Malaysia 
UT 09 Investor Risk Profile 
UT 10 Human Reaction to Market
UT 11 Dollar Cost Averaging
UT 12 SBB_BHL Fund & KLCI comparative Study ( Oct. 2001)
UT 13 Market Scenarios as at 8th March, 2002 & BHL PSF 
UT 14 Bond Fund and KLCI behavior & Relationship
UT 15 Unit Trust Performance Review for a Client, Dec. 2002
UT 16 Could investors gain much during last 3 years : 2000-2002?
UT 17 The Myth of matching investment with psychological profile
UT 18 Market has risen Should we get excited? (Jan. 2003)  
UT 19 Bond Fund Performance and Relationship with Market Behavior  
UT 20 Helping clients in good positive investment return  
UT 21 Rail Project Delay Dampens Market  
UT 22 Investment Decision on US Stocks  
UT 23 Invest Because of Past Good Performance  
UT 24 Sequel to "Invest Because of Past Good Performance"  

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