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Lai Chiu-Nan, Ph.D.


By Andrew Wong    18th Oct. 2008

Spreading the Message and Teaching of Dr. Lai Chiu Nan, Ph.D.
My Reflection and Learning on Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan’s teaching and message.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual total Health Workshop 11-15th Oct. 2008, Kuantan, Malaysia, Organized by Lapis Lazuli Light Society Malaysia
Conducted by Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan Ph.D



I am fortunate to attend the workshop conducted by Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan a few days ago. It was my first encounter with her, face to face. Due to my limitation in Chinese language, I did not really read much of her valuable work in Chinese writing.

Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan strikes me as a person so simple, humble and full of wisdom.  Her voice was gentle and soft, always with smile on her face.  It is her underlying deep love and care for all living things, our Planet earth, touches my heart.

Her valuable contribution to me, or for that matter Chinese speaking community is her teaching and sharing with us the knowledge and wisdom from different parts of the world and cultures that can bring about wellness and happiness, not just to mankind but also to the whole universe, as everything is part of a larger system.

Appropriate Focus

At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan gently asked us to leave whatever maybe the ideas or feeling of sickness, pain or suffering, for self or others, outside the doors of the workshop.  The focus should not be on such things, as that slow down the healing process.

It was only towards the last day of the workshop I began to realize the wisdom of the advice of Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan.

One of the requests from the floor, asking Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan to perform group mediation and distant healing and blessing to a particular sick person.  Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan said, every day she prays and sends blessing to all mankind and the earth, which surely include the sick person, though without name. It is by opening our heart larger and larger, and not just our own suffering and sickness of self or loved ones only, sickness gets healed.

The written request used word like “hope the sick person recovers quickly”. For that, Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan replied : “Hope implies the future, the next minute, weeks, months, or many many years. But we should train our mind to focus on NOW, the complete wellness and healthy body, beautiful earth, flowers and all living things. When our minds are filled with all these positives, healing takes place quickly.”

So I learn : Open our heart wider and wider to care and love, fill mind with positive, without fear, anger, anxiety. As we let go all the negatives, we become free., as the underlying causes to pain and suffering are lack of love, safety and control.

Expectation (e.g. get well soon, fulfil needs) implies inadequacy, lacking of something. But expectation creates Nothing, i.e. it does not have the power to create things of the positive, as even when one arrives at the expectation of things, something appears  missing, the heart feels empty again.

We are complete. We have everything we want.

Move with the flow

Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan reminds us to watch the dynamic of Nature.  Observe carefully how the river flows – the water does not flow in a straight line, but sway from one side to another side, thus creating the meandering effect.  That is how nature maintain and create more energy.

Hence movement in the shape of “eight” or “spiral” creates more energy.

Straight line concept is prevalent in today fast pace society, as we seek speed and efficiency.  City highways and streets are mostly designed in straight line, if possible. This configuration has negative effect on our body energy field. One get tires easily after rushing through the straight lines.

This reminds me that children in open field, naturally move or run in zip zap, with arms outstretched like an aeroplane.  Birds do not fly in straight line.

After this important awareness, I now walk, run or do my exercise not longer in straight line, but in a shape of “eight” or “spiral”.

Techniques and Exercises

Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan taught us many techniques and exercises, with demonstration and practice in the class-room or at the beach. It is a memorable experience to witness and feel practices and movement among near 300 people.

The underlying premise of the exercises is : When Qi flows, one is well, When Qi does not flow, one gets sick. Hence the exercises are to : a) move the Qi in our body, or b) unblock the Qi, or c) to supplement more Qi from the universe.

Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan also introduced many other techniques from the Western worlds or cultures, whereby some negative elements (like trauma or negative emotion during childhood, during birth, etc. ) get deposited and stored in our body cells, DNA etc., thus causing many today sickness or diseases.

I will list a few techniques that are of particular interest to me, either for myself or friends who may benefit from such application. (Sufficient key words are mentioned to help readers to do more research on their own).

a)      Metamorphic Techniques – largely used children with mental retardation or not able to catch up with normal children development and growth. Best administered by parents to the children.


It does not claim any specific healing power but uses the idea that the massage helps the individual's own innate inner intelligence free deep blocks in their body's energy pattern and somehow bring about resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health.


It was devised originally by British naturopath Robert St. John in the 1960s. It was further developed by his student Gaston Saint-Pierre in the 1970s


b)     Butterfly Touch Massage -  This powerful and pioneering massage therapy technique, first taught by Wilhelm Reich and his daughter, Eva Reich, promotes nurturing and healing for all ages including infants. The gentle, non-invasive techniques described in detail in this book can be used by any parent with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. This breakthrough touch can help you bond with your newborn or, improve the vitality of your child, or every adult in your household.

c)   Eye-rotating technique - as per Jack Schwartz, balancing the left and right brain, and the Qi flow.

d)      Many other techniques like Color Therapy, Breathing to adjust the Qi Flow, Balancing Right Brain and Left Brain, Emotional Release that causes sickness etc.


Will continue sharing at next opportunity.

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