2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System



Program Evaluation

Participants' comments, feedback, evaluation after 2-day QuaSyLaTic Investment System Training.

Training completed on 6-7th Sept. 2008


    The whole new system really opens my eyes and mind. I can actually “safeguard” my money even I invest in “risky equity market”

The system is simple and quite easy to follow. The only thing that is required is my discipline to follow the system.

Now I do not need to follow anyone or the advertisement blindly.

Thank you so much, Andrew. You are also a good trainer. The best thing is you are sincere and your really want us to maximize our profit and minimize our loss.

Thank You., Andrew.
    Dr. Quah   
    To be successful in investment, we need the right mindset, a good system that protects our capital and limit our risks and yet generate good profit, and the need for discipline to execute strictly according to the system’s requirements. Nothing else!

In essence, that is the key overall learning from the program.

Thank you Andrew for sharing the program
    Maram – CEO of an oil and gas company   
    Clarity is power. Clear objective on protecting my capital, maximize profit, minimize loss at all times with the tools / measurement given is sufficient for me to reach my goal on Retire Rich and Retire Young. Again it depends on me about Self-Discipline. For things to change, first I have to change. My thoughts and feeling about money and investment income is crucial factor to determine my outcome, which is to generate more and more passive income. Therefore, I need massive action for the first 5 years to develop into habit and realize my dream to become Billionaire. A self-made Billionaire. Trust this system in full and make it happened. If Andrew has proven result, why not you and me.
Thanks again, Andrew

    Stella, a business-lady   
    Excellent learning

Provided me with a better insight and practical method to enhance investment of my retirement investment with discipline!!

Course material is good.

Trainer is passionate in sharing his experience which has proven to work for him.
    Hee, a Senior Manager of an Oil / Gas corporation  
    After 1st day training, I realize how my mindsets get in the way of my investment decisions.

I like the technical charting technique, using this technique with the application of the Stop Loss, will equip me with a more disciplined approach to enter the equity market and also protect my investment capital.

In the past, I do not have an exit strategy in my equity investment. With the “stop loss” I am now better prepared to take profit.
    Ong –a retiree from a large corporation  
  Good and simple system, but requires commitment and discipline for it to work.

Timely training as I’ll be soon have to manage large sum of money.

Need coaching at least for one or two actual investment exercise to gain the confidence of being able to practice the system.
  Lily – A corporate senior manager soon to retire  
    You are a fantastic coach. The way you presented the 2-day course was most admirable. You have touched topics on psychology – mindsets, beliefs, attitudes, emotion and discipline, which in my opinion, is very important before proceeding to investments. I agree with you totally when you say that an investor’s psychology in investing is paramount to determine whether he is a winner or loser.

You have also provided me an insight of an investment system for an extremely conservative investor who wants to preserve his capital at all times and can afford not more than 1% risk at any one time.

Thanks Andrew.

I would like to remain anonymous. Thank you.
    - Anonymous  
    In these two days investment program, I learned that Investment is 90% psychology and only 10% mechanical, how to protect a major part of the capital while you minimize loss and maximize profit when the opportunity presents itself, how to compute the Return of Investment.

Thank you for sharing your 20 over years of experience in investing in these two short days.
    - Anonymous  

I have a clearer picture of the financial tools available although you only touched on an unit trust. But I guess if we are to practice on the belief system of “no diversification”.. then I have no need to be too curious of other tools available for at the end of the day, my financial objective is met and I am convinced that unit trust is a good instrument if a good system is incorporated to protect my capital, minimize loss and maximize profit.

I must admit, although given the knowledge and tools,… it is till the discipline and the interest with the correct mindset to execute the practical part of the whole system.

If it fails, it is not the system to blame but we our self for not taking the responsibility to practice the system diligently and with full discipline and full interest.

Thank you for this enlightening process

    Dr. Wong, a business-lady.  
    The course helps me to understand how to treat the market, be it an angel or devil, i.e. it doesn’t matter, as long as I have already worked out my strategy when to cut loss, and when to take maximum profit.

Besides the techniques taught in this class, I think I have learned that even investing in unit rust (or whatever the instruments) is a form of learning about life and also maybe a process for me to know more about oneself. I think this is the Bonus I;ve got in this 2-day course.

Thank you, Andrew, you have also shown how a “selfless” person is like. Congratulation, you have done a great job!
    - Anonymous  

The practical way of investing in unit trust with potential to make good profit and with the capital protection mechanism built-in.

Wisdom is usually not apparent!

    KF – A certified Coach  
    I have learned a lot from Andrew as a coach who elicit the knowledge that I learnt from my accountancy course. It is practical other than theoretical. Investment is all about having the relevant (90%) mindset and 10% learnable skill. He has designed the workshop into fun and easy to apply learning environment.
Many thanks in advance, Andrew
(Comment after 1st day training)
    Stella, a business-lady  
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2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System







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