Organizational Learning System

Towards Business Results





How do you know the training of staff produces the intended business results?  


There is no Organizational learning if individuals do not have the capacity and capability to learn.


As Business Owner, President, CEO or Managers committed to produce positive business results, you realize more and more

-         Staff behavior and attitudes do not change much after many training and seminars

-         Business performance may improve a little, but not more over a longer period of time, with Consultantís best systems, processes and advise.

QuaSyLaTic, your Learning Partner, stays focused with you in getting the business results and desired organization performance, by offering you unique services.

These unique Services (Leadership Coaching Services) are offered to leaders of an entity (organization or department) to its head and management committee members, or project team. The service aims to uncover the hidden potentials in leaders and help to institutionalize a coaching culture in the organization to uncover more potentials from members of the organizations..

In today financial crisis, leaders are under tremendous pressure and stress. Mindset Emotion Coaching will be a great help to them, as it helps to un-cover their hidden potentials and wisdom to face the challenges ahead.

This webpage gives some brief and examples. It is best you contact the undersigned for a presentation and demonstration with your management colleagues taking part.




Organizational Learning System

Towards Business Results






There is no instant magical pill to produce profound solution to your organization, as often implied or promised in training program or consultant's proposal.  


The chance greatly increases when organization key individuals' capacity and capability continuously increase over time, with appropriate learning interventions.

Proposed Learning Strategies

Essentially, to effect business performance, appropriate learning interventions are to be applied  to critical individuals in the organization, group of people with interdependency to provide the desired collective results.

It can be Mindset-Emotion (EI) Coaching to key individuals, Behavior Facilitation to a group of stakeholders to resolve issues or to meet challenges, Consultancy to improve systems and processes and match with appropriate attitudes and discipline for implementation, or Skill-Based Training to ready and keen learners to take action and to further influence the entity or organization.

Mindset-Emotion (EI) Coaching Service

Mindset-Emotion (EI) Coaching service is the core and central learning intervention service offered. Initially, coaching, at certain frequency over a period of time, is carried out to a few critical individual leaders of an organization. Later a customized Coaching Training is conducted to these leaders followed by Coach the New Coaches when they coach individual organization members to manifest the best of their potentials.

Through this process, a Coaching Culture is institutionalized towards excellence of the organization.

It is un-wise to put in large budget for training of the masses on human competency (soft skills, leadership, change management, coaching etc.) as mindsets and behavior do not get changed over a few days training, nor would soft skills get mastered.

Human competency skills like leadership, strategic thinking etc. should be mastered by the top decision makers, who later create influence to the entire organization.

Behavior Facilitation - Customized Learning Events / Workshops

These are issue or challenge-specific workshop whereby resolution or creating a shared visions by a group of stakeholders is needed. QuaSyLaTic will collect relevant data, viewpoints, differences of opinions from key stakeholders to design and develop solution workshop with facilitation intervention.

Adapting the same coaching principle - clients / participants in the workshop find their own solutions when they are properly guided and facilitated.

Skill-Based Training Programs

These are skill-based training programs to increase greater capability to leaders and managers who can use the skills to influence the larger population. These are not isolated training programs but parts of an overall learning intervention services to help organizations to produce positive business results.

Consultancy Services on Systems and Processes (click to read more)

Due care is exercised to always start with client current system, processes and practice, and not introduce new things which often are disconnects with the existing.

Combine with Mindset-Emotion (EI) Coaching to ensure readiness to effect change by concerned parties, improvement to the systems and processes are introduced.





Organizational Learning System

Towards Business Results






Underpinning Theory


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