Medical Philosophy Vs Logic & Politics

We will continue our discussion on diabetes, liver tumor, liver cirrhosis.

Western medicine offers different treatments for the above. Western nutrition also offers different diet control therapy for the above, e.g. reverse diabetes diet therapy.

All these are carried out by different medical specialists, different nutritionists with different proposed solutions.

They all claim many patients have good improvement results.

Each of them will argue from their own Logical viewpoints, with research done based on Scientific approach. But more often than not, they conflict with each other, and these specialists do not agree among themselves.

Patients who listen to any of these specialists will feel convinced by their respective logic and scientific evidence. Hence they follow all the different specialists’ instructions.

Both the specialists and patients have respective objectives in mind, achieve optimal insulin level, no more recurrence of liver tumor, less hardening of liver, with the assumption that if all these KPIs indicators are achieved, health is achieved.

Hence a patient who unfortunately suffers all the three : diabetes, liver tumor, liver cirrhosis, will undergo different sets of medication, or if they choose diet control methods, different diet therapies.

The patient may also have other issues, e.g. high cholesterol, high uric acid, some significant cancer markers, and many other emerging and worrying health indicators.

The patient is juggling with so many specialists’ interventions.

Who can be a skillful juggler who can really achieve health?

This is the result of western medical philosophy – treating the body as a machine with parts to be managed by different specialists.

This pattern appears to be similar to the process of democratic countries like the United State of America.

Each specialist-president champions his or her method to save the country or make America great again. After 4 years, another specialist president with a different solution.

This is different from the communist China approach. Only one party with only a specialist-president chosen for long term based on grass root democratic election and very stringent selection based on meritocracy. This enables single focused direction with constant reforms to solve fundamental problems, which cannot be done based on 4-year term government with changes in policies when a new government takes over.

Americans, like patients, suffer different specialist-presidents’ treatments.

What then is the Medical and Health Philosophy of the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) ?

First it is an integrated, holistic approach, not separate fragmented approaches.

Whatever treatment (herbs), food therapy (not nutrition theory), Qi exercises, balancing emotions and personality, aim to enable Qi flow, and aim at restoration of healthy functioning of the organs (e.g. Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Lungs and Heart), never just focus on one organ e.g. Liver.

When all organs function well with good coordination with each other, and Qi flow is enabled, heath is achieved.

When you understand how YEIC can help to achieve a total well being of a human, you will also understand what it takes to govern a nation towards prosperity for all citizens.

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