Analysis of a Bipolar case

This analysis starts from the personality of the person concerned, then relates to the person’s physiology and behaviors. Some suggestion on the balancing is made.

Bipolar Disorder symptoms : (a swing between the following)

Low energy, no drive. No interest in things, depression. View the external environment as negative and suppress such negativity, till like inflated balloons, raptures and bursts into manic stage.

High energy, excessive drive with many tasks and projects, not coherent, without good rationale, and behaviors can be towards negative extremes (can often cause harm to self and others), until exhaustion and swing into a lower energy stage..

Client : Female, Birthdate xx-xx-xxxx.

Personality is derived from the birthdate with the following attributes. For those interested to know more about personality analysis, please refer to the video course on “A Single Window to Personality, Emotions & Physiology”.

Key personality attributes

[6]  Perfectionist. 

The client shows these behaviors. During childhood witnessed “imperfect family setting”, hold the fear and anger till now, most often suppressed, till reaching an depressive stage then to explosive stage.

[4]  Instability, dislike routine life 

With perfectionism in mind, routine life is not only boring but depressing. Hold and suppress till depression and later bursting into manic behaviors.

[5]  Freedom without constraints

During the Bipolar high energy stage, excessive unrestrained freedom results in uncontrolled negative behaviors.

[2]  Emotions and Sensitivity

The female client has high needs for love and care, but often feels emotional and is sensitive to others’ behaviors or remarks.

The above manifestation of personality can also be correlated to body physiology, particularly the key organs functionalities as per the ancient wisdom. (For those who want to know the details, please refer to the video courses on ancient wisdom.)

Heart Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Heart holds overall Consciousness. 心主神明。

The client shows imbalanced heart organ functionalities due to her perfectionism mindset and imbalanced emotions and sensitivities. 

Spleen Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Spleen in charge of thinking and analysis. 脾主思。

Spleen as per 5-Element Theory is represented by Earth. Earth is supposed to signify stability, like mother-earth. But the client has imbalanced Spleen organ functionalities, as she dislikes stability, dislike routine life, dislike building up disciplined foundation. 

Such dislikes are held within till reaching an explosive high energy bipolar stage.

The client’s thinking capability is negatively affected by heart organ functionalities imbalances, hence the client often can be irrational, in thinking and behaviors.

Kidneys Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Kidneys are like Hercules, with enormous strength and will-power. 肾如大力士,肾主志。

In the High Energy Bipolar stage, the client will demonstrate high strength with strong determination to achieve the current targets, which can be of variety, and can change during next Bipolar phase, meaning the client does not have long term compelling vision in life to guide her during both low energy and high energy bipolar phases.

The sources of imbalances are from Yin Yang imbalance of the Heart, Spleen and Kidneys as dictated by the personality attributes.

The implementation of the high energy bipolar is by Liver organ functionalities, but Liver imbalance is due to the above mentioned organs imbalances as the source of the problems.

Balancing Personalities.

We cannot change personality, as personality was built-in at birth. But we can learn to Balance our Personality and Emotion, as per the following suggestions.

Since making personality balancing takes a long period of time, such a Life Cultivation 养生 method should be carried out daily and consistent, not expecting instant results.

  1. Using Food therapy. 

Food Therapy is to restore the balance of organs Yin Yang functionality as per ancient wisdom. Hence Food Therapy is NOT western nutrition method, which will do more harm to the client.

2. Qi Exercises

Qi exercises are specific to facilitate the Qi movement of the organs e.g. Heart, Spleen and Kidneys. Hence Qi exercises are NOT the western exercises concept with strength and sweating, which will do more harm to the organ functionalities.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique

Practice more EFT based on the understanding of this analysis report. Releasing negative emotions e.g. Fear and Anger. (Refer video course for more details.)

4. Consciousness Practices.

Consciousness practice is also mindfulness practice, daily, 365 days a year, year after year. Mindful of every thought, every emotion, every behavior and action, food intake, types of exercises, how such activities affect the Qi, hence affect the balance or imbalance of the organs functionality.

Practice more Stillness during the high energy bipolar stage.

Practice more Qi movement exercises during the low energy bipolar stage.

5. Development of Meaningful Compelling Vision in Life

Developing and cultivating meaningful compelling vision in life, with daily practices, is essential. Such vision will guide the behaviors and activities during both low energy and high energy bipolar stages.

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