Hearing voices in the head

A young girl has been suffering hearing voices in the head for years. She came to my 2-hour coaching session today.

Since young she suffered verbal abuse against her, cruel and unkind words thrown at her, accusation and scolding in the public.

From the analysis of her personality, she has strong needs for communication i.e. #3 Expressive energy. Due to hearing voices in her head, more communication is made with her parents as the parents have to bring her to see many different medical specialists, medical doctors and psychiatrists. The parents have spent a great deal of time and money visiting so many medical professionals with expensive treatments, yet the problem of hearing voices in the head persists.

Voices in the head are of scary nature, often illogical, and oftentimes absurd. As a result the parents have to spend more time attending to her voices in the head stories, hence more communication with her.

Her menstrual period has been irregular for years, often accompanied with pain. She has hair drop problems.

Habitually she sleeps very late, 3 am in the morning. She likes cold drinks. She has constipation problems. Her urine is often milky in color. 

During the coaching session, I got her to recall the latest voices in the head, and carried out some therapy on her. At the end of the therapy, she said her hands became warm, though the negative feelings and emotions still persist. 

I request her to attend my video courses which provide more information that she can analyse her own personality, how to react to negative inputs and how to balance the negative feelings and emotions, how her physiological conditions are related to her voices in the head problems, etc. etc.

At the same time, I advise one of the parents to attend the same video courses, so that the parent can understand the different personalities between parents and child need different communication methods, and how food therapy can be applied to all members of the family, as intake of foods affects the organ functionalities, which affect emotions and consciousness. 

Furthermore the video courses also explain in detail how organ functionalities, e.g. which organs function affect hearing issue, hair drop, period pain etc.

The video courses are 

1) A Single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology


2) Food Therapy for the unique you with your own Body Constituents


3) Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods


4) Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)


Andrew Wong, 

Coach and teacher of ancient wisdom.
For listing of complete video courses :

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

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