Legs conditions reflect Heart Conditions

Legs conditions, especially cold feet, with or without muscle cramp, can be a strong indication of your heart conditions.

We will discuss, first, from the standpoints of western science and western medicine perspectives.

Coldness in feet indicates lack of blood circulation in those areas. Feet is furthest away from the heart, and western science sees heart as a pump, implying the pump is not efficient to pump the blood to the lower abdomen to the feet.

We can put it in another way, if there is good blood circulation, and circulation means movement, and movement will generate heat, to warm the feet, then there should not be cold feet.

We can also argue that if there is coldness in the feet, there is also the coldness in the legs muscles, that give rise to muscle cramp.

If coldness in feet prolongs for a long time, this implies the heart is getting weaker and weaker, or the heart has to work harder to supply blood to all parts of the body, including legs.

Can you follow the logic above?

There is a likelihood that cold feets are accompanied by high blood pressure. If we take the whole body as a system, coldness in feet means less supply of blood in feet, and there will be more blood supply at the upper abdomen.

Brainwork, sensory faculties like eyes, ears with sighting and hearing activities require blood supply, hence blood supply is needed more to the upper body, thus more blood pressure needed. Blood pressure measurement is close to the heart, hence the measured blood pressure is around the heart, not the legs.

We can deduce that high blood pressure due to more blood supply to the upper body, and cold feet implies less blood supply to the lower body.

If blood pressure is measured around the legs, then we should expect low blood pressure if the legs are cold. But there is no such measurement yet.

I hope from the above discussion, you can see some correlation between conditions of the legs could reflect the conditions of the heart, using western medicine logic.

When you get to know the holistic theory of the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, you will get an amazing explanation more than the western science and western medicine, and more importantly it points to remedial action that you can take.

The concept used to explain cold feet is lack of Qi-Blood supply. This can be lack of Qi or lack of blood or lack of both. Qi implies movement, which implies Qi enables blood circulation.

Then Qi is the driver that moves the blood. Without adequate Qi, there will be problems in blood circulation. Breathing in air is a form of Qi supply. If inhalation of air is a problem, it is a form of sickness, which affects blood circulation.

Then the quality of blood is also an important consideration. If the blood is full of toxins, or blood stasis, then blood circulation is not efficient. The conditions of blood capillaries are also an important factor, e.g. blockages or constrictions. This can give rise to cold feet problems.

In the above discussion on lack of blood circulation to the feet causing cold feet based on western medicine logic, I merely introduce another associated concept, Qi, to make up a more complete picture.

There are many factors that cause the quality of Qi and Blood. We just mentioned breathing performance as an important supply of Qi, We also mentioned blood quality e.g. blood stasis and conditions of blood capillaries.

Then the cold feet phenomena does not reflect only the heart conditions. There are many other factors that need to be investigated.

Another important concept offered by the ancient wisdom is that all organ functionalities are related to each other, or can affect each other. Hence heart problems can be a result of other organs functionalities problems.

This organ functionalities relationship is addressed by the 5-Element Theory of ancient wisdom.

The factors that contribute to the improper organ functionalities, giving rise to sickness, or cold feet in our case of discussion, can be broadly summarized as

1) Improper food therapy,
2) Lack of Qi exercises,
3) Unbalanced emotions and personality and
4) Lifestyle.

If you are curious, wanting to know the ancient holistic theories and improving your health, you are welcome to the video courses as per links below.

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