Why he died before aging age?

The funeral was just over.

This is the 5th occasion I say permanent goodbye to my loved ones in the last few years.

The loved ones died before their aging ages.

Many friends send condolences messages to me and the following is a typical conversation.

Friend X : “Andrew I am sorry to hear of the passing of your loved one. I pray that all his loved ones are comforted during this time of grief. RIP. God bless”

My reply : “Thanks for your condolences. He suffered enormous pain after surgical procedure in the hospital.”

Friend X : “Yes, sad to hear. Was he a hepatitis carrier or was he a heavy alcohol drinker?”

My reply : “My dear friend, I think you have posed some wrong questions. It is because many hepatitis carriers or alcohol drinkers or cancer patients etc. don’t die.”

Indeed many people think that if so and so died of cancers, or some diseases, then the answer is obtained, implying the person died due to the mentioned diseases.

But as we look closer, many people with the same diseases do not die, they continue to live, though with some suffering, till their aging ages.

Today western science and western medicine do not, and cannot offer a comprehensive explanation why some patients die before aging ages. They simply have no clues.

Even if they can come up with some scientific explanation, such explanation cannot be used by the living to ensure good healing or preventing such diseases.

This is where ancient wisdom makes a huge difference. Ancient Wisdom has coherent holistic integrated theory to explain health, diseases issues, and the same set of theories can be used for healing and more importantly guide people to live a healthy life without having such diseases.

It is sad that many of these departed loved ones did not allow themselves to be exposed to the ancient wisdom.

It is my hope, others, who are living today, can be open minded to explore what exactly is the ancient wisdom, which is based on a book, called “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic”, some 3000 years ago in China.

For those who are curious, wanting to know, you are welcome to the following video courses.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

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