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Ancient Philosophy refers to Ancient Wisdom for today Well Being.

Ancient Wisdom is based on holistic and integrated approach, which is critically important for disciplined practice in Buy Low Sell High market trading.

Ancient Wisdom for Today Well Being.

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Legs conditions reflect Heart Conditions

Legs conditions, especially cold feet, with or without muscle cramp, can be a strong indication of your heart conditions.

We will discuss, first, from the standpoints of western science and western medicine perspectives.

Coldness in feet indicates lack of blood circulation in those areas. Feet is furthest away from the heart, and western science sees heart as a pump, implying the pump is not efficient to pump the blood to the lower abdomen to the feet.

We can put it in another way, if there is good blood circulation, and circulation means movement, and movement will generate heat, to warm the feet, then there should not be cold feet.

We can also argue that if there is coldness in the feet, there is also the coldness in the legs muscles, that give rise to muscle cramp.

If coldness in feet prolongs for a long time, this implies the heart is getting weaker and weaker, or the heart has to work harder to supply blood to all parts of the body, including legs.

Can you follow the logic above?

There is a likelihood that cold feets are accompanied by high blood pressure. If we take the whole body as a system, coldness in feet means less supply of blood in feet, and there will be more blood supply at the upper abdomen.

Brainwork, sensory faculties like eyes, ears with sighting and hearing activities require blood supply, hence blood supply is needed more to the upper body, thus more blood pressure needed. Blood pressure measurement is close to the heart, hence the measured blood pressure is around the heart, not the legs.

We can deduce that high blood pressure due to more blood supply to the upper body, and cold feet implies less blood supply to the lower body.

If blood pressure is measured around the legs, then we should expect low blood pressure if the legs are cold. But there is no such measurement yet.

I hope from the above discussion, you can see some correlation between conditions of the legs could reflect the conditions of the heart, using western medicine logic.

When you get to know the holistic theory of the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, you will get an amazing explanation more than the western science and western medicine, and more importantly it points to remedial action that you can take.

The concept used to explain cold feet is lack of Qi-Blood supply. This can be lack of Qi or lack of blood or lack of both. Qi implies movement, which implies Qi enables blood circulation.

Then Qi is the driver that moves the blood. Without adequate Qi, there will be problems in blood circulation. Breathing in air is a form of Qi supply. If inhalation of air is a problem, it is a form of sickness, which affects blood circulation.

Then the quality of blood is also an important consideration. If the blood is full of toxins, or blood stasis, then blood circulation is not efficient. The conditions of blood capillaries are also an important factor, e.g. blockages or constrictions. This can give rise to cold feet problems.

In the above discussion on lack of blood circulation to the feet causing cold feet based on western medicine logic, I merely introduce another associated concept, Qi, to make up a more complete picture.

There are many factors that cause the quality of Qi and Blood. We just mentioned breathing performance as an important supply of Qi, We also mentioned blood quality e.g. blood stasis and conditions of blood capillaries.

Then the cold feet phenomena does not reflect only the heart conditions. There are many other factors that need to be investigated.

Another important concept offered by the ancient wisdom is that all organ functionalities are related to each other, or can affect each other. Hence heart problems can be a result of other organs functionalities problems.

This organ functionalities relationship is addressed by the 5-Element Theory of ancient wisdom.

The factors that contribute to the improper organ functionalities, giving rise to sickness, or cold feet in our case of discussion, can be broadly summarized as

1) Improper food therapy,
2) Lack of Qi exercises,
3) Unbalanced emotions and personality and
4) Lifestyle.

If you are curious, wanting to know the ancient holistic theories and improving your health, you are welcome to the video courses as per links below.

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Hearing voices in the head

A young girl has been suffering hearing voices in the head for years. She came to my 2-hour coaching session today.

Since young she suffered verbal abuse against her, cruel and unkind words thrown at her, accusation and scolding in the public.

From the analysis of her personality, she has strong needs for communication i.e. #3 Expressive energy. Due to hearing voices in her head, more communication is made with her parents as the parents have to bring her to see many different medical specialists, medical doctors and psychiatrists. The parents have spent a great deal of time and money visiting so many medical professionals with expensive treatments, yet the problem of hearing voices in the head persists.

Voices in the head are of scary nature, often illogical, and oftentimes absurd. As a result the parents have to spend more time attending to her voices in the head stories, hence more communication with her.

Her menstrual period has been irregular for years, often accompanied with pain. She has hair drop problems.

Habitually she sleeps very late, 3 am in the morning. She likes cold drinks. She has constipation problems. Her urine is often milky in color. 

During the coaching session, I got her to recall the latest voices in the head, and carried out some therapy on her. At the end of the therapy, she said her hands became warm, though the negative feelings and emotions still persist. 

I request her to attend my video courses which provide more information that she can analyse her own personality, how to react to negative inputs and how to balance the negative feelings and emotions, how her physiological conditions are related to her voices in the head problems, etc. etc.

At the same time, I advise one of the parents to attend the same video courses, so that the parent can understand the different personalities between parents and child need different communication methods, and how food therapy can be applied to all members of the family, as intake of foods affects the organ functionalities, which affect emotions and consciousness. 

Furthermore the video courses also explain in detail how organ functionalities, e.g. which organs function affect hearing issue, hair drop, period pain etc.

The video courses are 

1) A Single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology

2) Food Therapy for the unique you with your own Body Constituents

3) Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods

4) Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)

Andrew Wong, 

Coach and teacher of ancient wisdom.
For listing of complete video courses :

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

How Personality affects Mindset and Health?

From the many coaching cases I have conducted, the following is one set of scenarios.

The wife is feeling very angry and frustrated with the husband overly control of her life. They quarrel frequently. The wife is accusing the husband restricting her freedom, not respecting her rights, imposed his views on her. She feels suffocating.

In the end the wife divorced from the husband. She feels relief. And she claims she can then sleep more soundly at night, before often having insomnia problems.

As she described her case in the Facebook using general concepts like Freedom, Restriction, Control, etc. which are commonly felt by most people, she gains a lot of support from her Facebook friends.

But what are the actual situations?

We will discuss three scenarios.

Scenario #1

The husband forbids her to communicate with her parents, siblings, relatives, classmates and friends.

This is obviously too extreme a case. Everyone will sure sympathize with the wife and congratulate her for divorce which gives her the freedom.

Scenario #2

The wife is addicted to gambling and lost a lot her husband’s hard-earned money. The husband was mad with her and control every penny she spends.

Scenario #3

The wife cannot help but to gossip a lot, busy body and get involves in other people lives, bring up controversial topics for discussion in the social media and she particularly like to engage with males for all sorts of conversation, in Facebook groups and privately one to one, resulting in male-female relationship complication.

Her household is in a mess, she does not attend to the daily routines in cooking for the children, nor helping the children in their school homework.

The husband was angry and restricted her use of handphone to social media.

These are all cases of freedom issues, restriction, and control. Obviously when people know the actual situations, many will not sympathize with the wife in scenarios #2 and #3.

Hence it is important to understand the actual situations instead of taken in by broad issues of Freedom, Control and Restriction.

We will discuss Scenario #3 in more details in line with the title of this article.

How Personality affects Mindset and Health?

The wife has personalities of Type 5 Freedom and Type 3 Expression.

She is controlled by such personality-energies with the above described behaviours.

It is such personalities that affect her mindsets, and she insisted that it is the husband who spoils her life, not given her the freedom she wants.

As observers, we can see that she has problem to balance her life, i.e. attending to more orderly household, taking good care of children meals and homework, and then she can have her circles of friends having engaging tea conversation, and know her boundaries in communicating with males.

Such balancing requires personalities of Type 4 – Stability and down to earth grounding or home-base.

We all have imbalanced personalities. And it is a great challenge to balance different types of personalities.

How such imbalanced personalities affect health?

We know that personalities affect behaviours, agitated behaviour causes uneven breathing which over time affect health etc.

We will refer to the holistic and integrative theories of the ancient wisdom for more details and specific.

Type 5 Freedom personality belongs to Kidneys functionalities. Type 3 Expression personality belongs to Liver functionalities.

Excessive use of Type 5 Freedom and Type 3 Expression cause imbalance to the Kidneys and Liver Qi.

Kidneys functionalities include excretion system, reproductive system, soundness of bones, hearing, hair growth etc. Kidneys hold consciousness in will power and emotions like fear.

For example, excessive Freedom without restraints may cause reproductive problem, excessive sexual performance or lack of interest in sex.

Liver functionalities include blood detox, distribution of blood to all parts of the body. Liver holds consciousness in creativity and emotions like anger.

For example, excessive use of expression, e,g, non-stop talking or gossiping may cause high blood pressure or menstrual problems for ladies.

Ancient wisdom offers a Balancing and Reinforcing Model called 5-Element-Model, represented by Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire, which are respectively associated with Spleen, Kidneys, Livers, Lungs and Heart.

Type 5 Freedom personality belongs to Water-Kidneys-Functionalities.

As per 5-Element theory, Earth Controls Water, i.e. Spleen controls kidneys.

Earth-Spleen holds the consciousness of Thinking and Intention. Hence it is the good systematic and logical thinking with clear intention that can help balance the Type 5 excessive Freedom personalities.

Type 3 Expression personality belongs to Wood-Liver- Functionalities.

As per 5-Element theory, Metal Controls Wood, i.e. Lungs controls Liver.

One of the Lungs functionalities is Qi descending.

And Qi descending function can help to control Type 3 excessive talking personalities.

From the above, the wife in scenario #3 needs the following to balance her personalities i.e. she needs more discipline, constraints, logical and systematic thinking. But the problem is whoever imposes restriction or constraints on her, she get mad and fights back.

If you are further interested in knowing the relationship between behaviours, personality and health, you are welcome to the following video courses.

A Single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology


5-Element Theory : Build Relationship of parts for Holism

黄帝内经 : 五行学说 


Is Dr. Sarah Hallberg ‘s Diabetes Type 2 Reversal theory logical?

Many diabetes sufferers get attracted to Diabetes Type 2 Reversal proposal. We will examine the underlying logic of the Diabetes Type 2 Reversal theory.

It is noted that there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, studies show it’s possible for some people to reverse it. Through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and hold normal blood sugar levels without medication. This doesn’t mean you’re completely cured. Type 2 diabetes is an ongoing disease.

We also know that there are many health indicators besides blood sugar levels, e.g. uric acid, cholesterol, hormone, liver fats, high blood pressure, cancer markers, many other toxicities. And the effort and purpose of diet changes as for Diabetes Type 2 Reversal are mainly to control the blood sugar levels, ignoring the rest of the health indicators. 

Isn’t it possible that diet changes help achieve optimal blood sugar level, but other negative health indicators shoot up, indicating worse health problems, possibly made worse due to diet changes? Data of such situations is seldom presented as individual medical specialists, e.g. on Diabetes Type 2 Reversal theory, prefer to take fragmented data, not holistic approach, in their scientific research.

Western medical specialists only focus on their own specialized field of study, not taking into consideration the holistic system of a human body, mind and emotion.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg is a strong advocate on Diabetes Type 2 Reversal theory. 

She says, “Fat does not impact blood insulin levels. Carbs have a high impact”. She proposes low carb, high fat, so that the body can get sufficient energy from fat.

To quote other medical scientists : “Heart disease and cancer, this nation’s two leading killers, are linked to diets high in fat, and other chronic health problems may be exacerbated by high-fat diets.” 

We can see that Dr. Sarah Hallberg is juggling with a few parameters, with the sole purpose to achieve optimal blood sugar levels. Do you not think it is dangerous? As more high fats food may create other health problems.

We commonly witness different western medical specialists, whether on different subject matters or same field of health issues, often contradict each other. Over years, some of the popular specialists’ theory is proven wrong, though already affecting many people. This really makes patients and health conscious people very very confused.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg says, “Taking medications for type 2 diabetes combats the end result, which is rising blood sugar, but does not address the root causes—insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance”.

But what gives rise to insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance? Meaning Dr. Sarah Hallberg still has not addressed the root causes.

We also witness, today Western Medicine concludes diseases like cancer, Parkinson, Autism, Dementia etc. etc. the root causes are unknown. There is no complete cure, except life long medication.

Finding the real root causes is really an unresolved mystery in western medicine and western nutrition theory.

From the above discussion, we see some illogical propositions, which are summarized as follow:

1. Among so many health indicators which are variables, different medical specialists choose a few and ignore the others for their scientific research work, giving rise to their own unique medical theory. It is a fragmentation approach, not holistic and integrated when compared with the ancient wisdom approach.

2. Western medical science could not identify root causes to health problems. Ancient wisdom always focuses on the sources of the root causes, which is their primary focus for disease treatment and health building.

What could be missing in the western medical theory, resulting in an illogical proposition?

The following is one way to explain the reasons.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg says, “Type 2 diabetes is a disease of high blood sugar. It can also be thought of as carbohydrate intolerance or insulin resistance. That means when someone with type 2 diabetes eats carbohydrates, it causes their blood sugar to rise above a healthy level.

Dr. Sarah Hallberg also says, “Everyone has a different carbohydrate tolerance. One person may be able to eat a carb-heavy diet with no problem, and another may get blood sugar spikes and gain weight from eating very few carbohydrates.”

This implies different persons have different body systems, which is called Body Constituents (体质) as per the ancient wisdom. 

This is an important matter, the Body Constituents, which the western science does not investigate further. Different Body Constituents imply different people’s body systems having their organs functionalities working differently, some more efficiently or less efficiently.

Hence some people can consume high carbs foods without diabetes problems, others with low carb food intake have serious diabetes problems.

Examples of organs-functionalities like Spleen / Stomach for digestion of foods, Small Intestines for absorption of digested nutrients, Large Intestines, Kidneys / Bladder system for waste and toxin excretion. All these functionalities must work harmoniously with each other.

For digested foods to be converted to blood sugar and glucose, with the insulin production to achieve optimal blood sugar levels required the coordinated efforts of all the organs functionalities. 

Can you imagine a person with severe excretion problems, not able to pass stools and urine, that the person can have optimal production of insulin?

Surely not!

Can you imagine a person in constant stress, worries and anxiety, thus affecting the food digestion process, can have optimal production of insulin?

Surely not!

Indeed there are so many factors that affect optimal production of insulin levels. This implies all organ functionalities must work properly and well coordinated with each other. It is not just an issue of more or less carbs or fats.

Then out of balanced functioning of all organs are the real root causes to sickness, diseases or imbalanced body systems. That is the primary focus of ancient wisdom. 

This is what is meant by total holistic and integrated systems of the ancient wisdom.

Western Nutrition Theory using the breakdown component theory to address food categories, i.e. carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, water etc.

Ancient wisdom Food Therapy theory works very differently. Food Therapy addresses the property of wholesome food, e.g. potato, rice, chicken meat, vegetable, that should nourish the organs functionalities. That is, what food can help lungs to function better, or Liver to function better. What food in excess can harm the heart. What foods for blood deficiency etc.

Hence two persons with Diabetes Type 2, each may have different Body Constituents, ie.. different organs functionalities not operating optimally, then Food Therapy is different for each of them.

I hope this discussion triggers some interest and curiosity in you, wanting to know more about Ancient Wisdom for Today Well Being.

You are welcome to take the video courses as per the following links.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom


Andrew (Psychologist + Teacher on Ancient Wisdom)

Autism – from Understanding to Solution Action

Another very satisfactory video course review given by learners enrolled to my video courses.

I suppose most students like the logical presentation of Autism from historical development by the western medicine till now, and how Ancient Wisdom presents a holistic and integrated logical framework to understand and offer solution action on Autism.

The video course link is as follow …

Autism – From Understanding to Solution Action

自闭症 : 从理解到解决行动

Analysis of a Bipolar case

This analysis starts from the personality of the person concerned, then relates to the person’s physiology and behaviors. Some suggestion on the balancing is made.

Bipolar Disorder symptoms : (a swing between the following)

Low energy, no drive. No interest in things, depression. View the external environment as negative and suppress such negativity, till like inflated balloons, raptures and bursts into manic stage.

High energy, excessive drive with many tasks and projects, not coherent, without good rationale, and behaviors can be towards negative extremes (can often cause harm to self and others), until exhaustion and swing into a lower energy stage..

Client : Female, Birthdate xx-xx-xxxx.

Personality is derived from the birthdate with the following attributes. For those interested to know more about personality analysis, please refer to the video course on “A Single Window to Personality, Emotions & Physiology”.

Key personality attributes

[6]  Perfectionist. 

The client shows these behaviors. During childhood witnessed “imperfect family setting”, hold the fear and anger till now, most often suppressed, till reaching an depressive stage then to explosive stage.

[4]  Instability, dislike routine life 

With perfectionism in mind, routine life is not only boring but depressing. Hold and suppress till depression and later bursting into manic behaviors.

[5]  Freedom without constraints

During the Bipolar high energy stage, excessive unrestrained freedom results in uncontrolled negative behaviors.

[2]  Emotions and Sensitivity

The female client has high needs for love and care, but often feels emotional and is sensitive to others’ behaviors or remarks.

The above manifestation of personality can also be correlated to body physiology, particularly the key organs functionalities as per the ancient wisdom. (For those who want to know the details, please refer to the video courses on ancient wisdom.)

Heart Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Heart holds overall Consciousness. 心主神明。

The client shows imbalanced heart organ functionalities due to her perfectionism mindset and imbalanced emotions and sensitivities. 

Spleen Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Spleen in charge of thinking and analysis. 脾主思。

Spleen as per 5-Element Theory is represented by Earth. Earth is supposed to signify stability, like mother-earth. But the client has imbalanced Spleen organ functionalities, as she dislikes stability, dislike routine life, dislike building up disciplined foundation. 

Such dislikes are held within till reaching an explosive high energy bipolar stage.

The client’s thinking capability is negatively affected by heart organ functionalities imbalances, hence the client often can be irrational, in thinking and behaviors.

Kidneys Organ Functionalities.

The ancient wisdom says, Kidneys are like Hercules, with enormous strength and will-power. 肾如大力士,肾主志。

In the High Energy Bipolar stage, the client will demonstrate high strength with strong determination to achieve the current targets, which can be of variety, and can change during next Bipolar phase, meaning the client does not have long term compelling vision in life to guide her during both low energy and high energy bipolar phases.

The sources of imbalances are from Yin Yang imbalance of the Heart, Spleen and Kidneys as dictated by the personality attributes.

The implementation of the high energy bipolar is by Liver organ functionalities, but Liver imbalance is due to the above mentioned organs imbalances as the source of the problems.

Balancing Personalities.

We cannot change personality, as personality was built-in at birth. But we can learn to Balance our Personality and Emotion, as per the following suggestions.

Since making personality balancing takes a long period of time, such a Life Cultivation 养生 method should be carried out daily and consistent, not expecting instant results.

  1. Using Food therapy. 

Food Therapy is to restore the balance of organs Yin Yang functionality as per ancient wisdom. Hence Food Therapy is NOT western nutrition method, which will do more harm to the client.

2. Qi Exercises

Qi exercises are specific to facilitate the Qi movement of the organs e.g. Heart, Spleen and Kidneys. Hence Qi exercises are NOT the western exercises concept with strength and sweating, which will do more harm to the organ functionalities.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique

Practice more EFT based on the understanding of this analysis report. Releasing negative emotions e.g. Fear and Anger. (Refer video course for more details.)

4. Consciousness Practices.

Consciousness practice is also mindfulness practice, daily, 365 days a year, year after year. Mindful of every thought, every emotion, every behavior and action, food intake, types of exercises, how such activities affect the Qi, hence affect the balance or imbalance of the organs functionality.

Practice more Stillness during the high energy bipolar stage.

Practice more Qi movement exercises during the low energy bipolar stage.

5. Development of Meaningful Compelling Vision in Life

Developing and cultivating meaningful compelling vision in life, with daily practices, is essential. Such vision will guide the behaviors and activities during both low energy and high energy bipolar stages.

Andrew Wong

Psychologist and Teacher of Ancient Wisdom

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Why he died before aging age?

The funeral was just over.

This is the 5th occasion I say permanent goodbye to my loved ones in the last few years.

The loved ones died before their aging ages.

Many friends send condolences messages to me and the following is a typical conversation.

Friend X : “Andrew I am sorry to hear of the passing of your loved one. I pray that all his loved ones are comforted during this time of grief. RIP. God bless”

My reply : “Thanks for your condolences. He suffered enormous pain after surgical procedure in the hospital.”

Friend X : “Yes, sad to hear. Was he a hepatitis carrier or was he a heavy alcohol drinker?”

My reply : “My dear friend, I think you have posed some wrong questions. It is because many hepatitis carriers or alcohol drinkers or cancer patients etc. don’t die.”

Indeed many people think that if so and so died of cancers, or some diseases, then the answer is obtained, implying the person died due to the mentioned diseases.

But as we look closer, many people with the same diseases do not die, they continue to live, though with some suffering, till their aging ages.

Today western science and western medicine do not, and cannot offer a comprehensive explanation why some patients die before aging ages. They simply have no clues.

Even if they can come up with some scientific explanation, such explanation cannot be used by the living to ensure good healing or preventing such diseases.

This is where ancient wisdom makes a huge difference. Ancient Wisdom has coherent holistic integrated theory to explain health, diseases issues, and the same set of theories can be used for healing and more importantly guide people to live a healthy life without having such diseases.

It is sad that many of these departed loved ones did not allow themselves to be exposed to the ancient wisdom.

It is my hope, others, who are living today, can be open minded to explore what exactly is the ancient wisdom, which is based on a book, called “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic”, some 3000 years ago in China.

For those who are curious, wanting to know, you are welcome to the following video courses.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

Medical Philosophy Vs Logic & Politics

We will continue our discussion on diabetes, liver tumor, liver cirrhosis.

Western medicine offers different treatments for the above. Western nutrition also offers different diet control therapy for the above, e.g. reverse diabetes diet therapy.

All these are carried out by different medical specialists, different nutritionists with different proposed solutions.

They all claim many patients have good improvement results.

Each of them will argue from their own Logical viewpoints, with research done based on Scientific approach. But more often than not, they conflict with each other, and these specialists do not agree among themselves.

Patients who listen to any of these specialists will feel convinced by their respective logic and scientific evidence. Hence they follow all the different specialists’ instructions.

Both the specialists and patients have respective objectives in mind, achieve optimal insulin level, no more recurrence of liver tumor, less hardening of liver, with the assumption that if all these KPIs indicators are achieved, health is achieved.

Hence a patient who unfortunately suffers all the three : diabetes, liver tumor, liver cirrhosis, will undergo different sets of medication, or if they choose diet control methods, different diet therapies.

The patient may also have other issues, e.g. high cholesterol, high uric acid, some significant cancer markers, and many other emerging and worrying health indicators.

The patient is juggling with so many specialists’ interventions.

Who can be a skillful juggler who can really achieve health?

This is the result of western medical philosophy – treating the body as a machine with parts to be managed by different specialists.

This pattern appears to be similar to the process of democratic countries like the United State of America.

Each specialist-president champions his or her method to save the country or make America great again. After 4 years, another specialist president with a different solution.

This is different from the communist China approach. Only one party with only a specialist-president chosen for long term based on grass root democratic election and very stringent selection based on meritocracy. This enables single focused direction with constant reforms to solve fundamental problems, which cannot be done based on 4-year term government with changes in policies when a new government takes over.

Americans, like patients, suffer different specialist-presidents’ treatments.

What then is the Medical and Health Philosophy of the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (YEIC) ?

First it is an integrated, holistic approach, not separate fragmented approaches.

Whatever treatment (herbs), food therapy (not nutrition theory), Qi exercises, balancing emotions and personality, aim to enable Qi flow, and aim at restoration of healthy functioning of the organs (e.g. Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Lungs and Heart), never just focus on one organ e.g. Liver.

When all organs function well with good coordination with each other, and Qi flow is enabled, heath is achieved.

When you understand how YEIC can help to achieve a total well being of a human, you will also understand what it takes to govern a nation towards prosperity for all citizens.

Are you curious about ancient wisdom, wanting to find out more? Join my video courses.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom


Andrew (Psychologist, Teacher of ancient wisdom)