Diabetes – always a hot topic

Diabetes is a common disease and hence it is always a hot topic.

From the western medicine perspective, there are many different types of medication, different types of treatments and different types of therapies for different types of diabetes.

We will limit our discussion to Type 2 diabetes and Reverse Diabetes therapy.

Type 2 diabetes is a common condition that causes the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood to become too high. It can cause symptoms like excessive thirst, needing to pee a lot and tiredness. It can also increase your risk of getting serious problems with your eyes, heart and nerves.

Control or regulation of sugar (glucose) in the blood is carried out by insulin hormone. Logically, de-functioning of insulin contributes to diabetes.

Sugar (glucose) comes from the foods taken. By such a statement, western medicine implies that food intake is a contributing factor to diabetes.

From the above proposition, the conclusion is the need to control food intake, and insulin level in the blood by medication or diet.

Reverse Diabetes therapy is through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and hold normal blood sugar levels without medication.

Western medicine keeps emphasizing that there is no cure to diabetes, meaning Reverse Diabetes therapy is a control measure, not complete cure.

Just based on the above conclusion made by the western medicine, we can have a good discussion from the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, perspectives.

Why western medicine often say, there is no complete cure to diabetes? Similarly, there is no cure to Parkinson, no cure to Autism, no cure Autoimmune disorders etc. ?

As per many discussion in my video courses, the reason is western medicine does not focus on the actual root causes, but focus on immediate mechanics that is associated with the diseases, e.g. diabetes, factors such as insulin level out of balance, food intake that eventually contributes to high sugar contents in the blood.

It is obvious that if medical professionals do not focus on the original root causes, logically there is no chance to find a complete cure.

It is obvious that if medical professionals only focus on the immediate mechanics that are associated with diabetes, i.e. insulin and food intake, then the best result is just control, but not cure.

Ancient wisdom will address diabetes problems in a holistic and integrated manner.


Some key questions to be addressed are

  1. What organ function is responsible to produce the optimal level of insulin to convert food to glucose?
  2. In what ways can such organ function be affected by other organs-functionalities?
  3. What particular factors affect the said organ functionalities out of balance?

The organ function for optimal level of insulin is Spleen (inclusive of pancreas) . As per ancient wisdom, Spleen is responsible for converting food into Qi Blood, i.e. internally generated nutrients for the body and energy for activities, which include what western medicine called glucose.

You can have excessive sweat foods that harm the Spleen function.

You can also have damaged or out of balance Spleen function that is not able to even convert low sugar content foods to glucose. Hence, in this case, it is not the food intake issue. It is the Spleen function itself.

Unlike western medicine which sees the body as a machine with parts to be managed, ancient wisdom sees all parts, organs, tissues etc as interconnected and inter-related.

For example, eye function is related to Liver function. If Liver function is out of balance, it affects the eye function and Spleen function, which affects production of Qi Blood, insulin and glucose.

Then the source of the diabetes is the Liver Function out of balance.

Spleen function can also be affected by out of balance Heart function, Lungs function, Kidneys function beside out of balance Liver function.

What then can cause these organ functions to be out of balance?

Ancient wisdom makes specific correlation, unlike western medicine which often offers vague and general suggestions e.g. good lifestyle, exercise, diets.

Using the examples of the above mentioned Spleen function out of balance and Liver function out of balance.

In the case of Spleen function out of balance, it can be caused by wrong food intake for the Spleen, by excessive thinking and worries, lack of Qi exercise for the Spleen Meridian etc.

In the case of Liver function out of balance, which affects the eyes and also affects Spleen functionality, it can be caused by wrong food intake for the Liver, anger emotions or suppressed emotions, excessive drive in performance, lack of Qi exercise for the Liver Meridian etc.

From the above, you can see that different diabetes patients have different sources of problems. There can be no balanced food intake for different organs, can be worries for some, anger for others, etc.

Food intake for different organs is an ancient wisdom food therapy concept. Western nutrition theory does not address what foods for what organ functions.

Ancient wisdom never says there is no cure for diseases, but emphasizes on total balancing, which is called Yin Yang balancing. If you have the knowledge and daily practice in balancing, then you live a complete healthy life.

The above is just a brief illustration of a holistic and integrated approach by ancient wisdom. For those who are seriously interested, welcome to join the video courses with internet links below.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

Andrew (Psychologist, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom).

Life Direction & Organs Functionalities

Today I have a coaching case.

A young man, 30+ years old, feels at a loss, that there is no meaning in life, about 4 weeks ago. He has no more motivation and that affects various aspects of his life. This is in spite of current work being rather satisfactory.

This is the start of the coaching session.

From some of his particulars I gathered before the coaching. I was able to make some analysis of his personality. I need to pose some coaching questions to him, to get feedback to confirm my analysis of his personality, that may be contributing to his current challenges.

Hence, it is important to ask powerful and relevant coaching questions during the limited 2 hours coaching session.

Why 4 weeks till now, he feels loss in meaning in life and no motivation to move forward? He said, he has no clues. There were no negative incidents 4 weeks ago.

He has worked 8 years, with change in jobs 4 times. All the jobs are of different nature. He has two jobs overseas in different countries.

He has been 4 years in this current job.

In work, he has some high expectations. In reality, he cannot have them fulfilled.

In work and relationship with partners, he has some dis-satisfaction with negative feelings, yet he cannot pinpoint what are the negativities, nor can he relate to particular negative incidents.

From his memory since young, he likes and enjoys most when with family members in happy times. He is much inclined to emotions.

From his response to many above coaching questions, I get confirmation about the main parts of his personality.

I requested him to imagine he is in deep negative emotions, even with exaggeration. He chose anger against someone, though he could not identify who. He said he had 7 out of 10 anger, in a scale of 0 to 10. Through a quick therapy, I managed to lower his anger from 7 to 4.

In terms of his physiology, he often has stomach upset, with frequent diarrhea. He often sweats at night during sleep. His palm sweats. His hands and legs are cold. He likes pungent food. And he drinks water a lot (hot and cold), and his urine is water-like.

Although he sleeps throughout the night. He does not feel energetic and good motivation for the second day.

From the above information gathered, I help to make analysis for him the source of the problems he is facing. The key point is that he is unaware of the fact that he is being controlled by his own personalities. At the same time, such personalities and behaviors affect his body system, in terms of the organs functionalities. Hence the personalities, psychology and the physical body system affect each other iteratively. And I explain how the many physical symptoms are arising from such interaction.

He is most surprised that he understands what is the source of the problem and from my explanation, he gets the ideas how to do balancing to his physiology and personalities.

I introduce to him my video courses on the discussion we have with more details on the underlying theories as per the ancient wisdom, and the many actions he can take to do the balancing through food therapy, activating the Qi flow. I also explained briefly the importance of the concept of Qi-Blood, how Qi-blood affects the various symptoms he experiences and his thought pattern and behaviors.

The key video course for his particular case is the following 

  1. A Single Window to Personality, Emotions and Physiology
  2. Food Therapy and Body Constituents
  3. Meridians, Qi exercises & Many Self-help healing methods.
  4. Organs Functionalities – What western medicine does not know
  5. Five Element Theory (Building relationship of parts for Holism)

There are several other video courses he can enroll in if he is further interested. The video courses are as per the following links.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

Andrew  (Psychologist, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom)

Sweat Sleep Motivation

A Zoom chatting with a friend, middle age, regarding some of his health challenges.

He is putting on weight. He sleeps late. Not feeling energetic every morning upon waking. Hair thinning. Feeling itchiness at various parts of the body, not at a fixed place. Feels life is a routine, not feeling spirited.

He asked for my opinions about recommended food-supplement from a friend for his weight issue?

Through Zoom chatting more information is gathered of his lifestyle.

For many years he practiced vigorous exercises at the gym, one and a half hours per practice with much sweeting. He does not have the habit of wiping off the sweat with dry cloth.

I share the following based on the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

  • Body heat generated results in sweating, and sweat pores open up and allow cold air trapped in the body. Trapped cold air moves with blood circulation and creates some obstruction to blood circulation. 

This produces itchiness here and there, not at a fixed place.

  • Late hour sleep habit, implies Qi Blood is used to support whatever night activities, and the blood does not get detoxified by the liver, this affects the blood quality, e.g. blood contains more toxin, may have blood stasis problem. 

This may also contribute to itchiness problems.

I further explain the Qi-Blood concept which is a powerful concept.   

  • Late hours sleep affects the gallbladder not able to store sufficient bile for next day food digestion. 

Then it is not so much about food-supplement, but organs functionalities out of balance.

I further explained Liver and Gallbladder Organ-clock duty roster timing which is during his night activities hours.

  • All hair health issues, e.g. thinning, hair drop, hair turns grey even at young age, are due to Kidneys functionalities out of balance. Kidneys functions are also affected by Liver and Gallbladder functions.
  • Not feeling spirited or motivated can be related to Heart Functionalities out of balance, which can also be affected by Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Lungs and Spleen functionalities, as per the 5-Element Theory.

I advised my friend that  the above is just a brief based on some information about his lifestyle he shared with me. The information is by far not complete. For example, what about his food intake, personality, emotions? 

Hence it is more useful for him to take the video courses on ancient wisdom, so that he can make his own detailed diagnosis of his health issues, carrying out his own balancing action plan.

The links to the video courses are as follows.
English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom





Relation between preferred food intake and physical, mental and emotional health

Every person has his or her preferred food intake, which reveal the conditions of your body constituents.

How do you explain the differences in their body constituents?

When thirsty, someone prefers cold drinks, others prefer warm drinks.

Those like cold drinks, indicate a ‘heaty” body constituent, called Yin Deficiency.

Those like warm drinks, indicate a “cold” body constituents, called Yang Deficiency.

Both are considered Yin Yang imbalances. Severity depends on the degree of Yin and Yang.

Because Spleen and Stomach are in charge of food digestion, then there are also imbalances in Spleen and Stomach functionalities.

Spleen is classified as Yin, and Stomach is classified as Yang.

Do you know the significance of classification in Yin and Yang?

Imbalances in Spleen and Stomach functionalities, are related to the person’s consciousness and emotions.

Do you know what consciousness and emotions are associated with Spleen and Stomach functionalities?

We have more of such discussion in the video courses on the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

Some people eat a lot but do not put on weight.

Some people eat a little and put on weight.

How will western medicine explain such phenomena?

How do you do the balancing?

To get the answer, you need to understand the concepts of Yin and Yang, and how Cold and Heat operate in your body system.

Some people prefer hot and spicy foods.

How do these habits affect which organs functionalities?

And these organs’ functionalities are related to skin problem, constipation problem, sweating problem, difficulty to sleep between 3-5 am.

And these types of people have unique personalities.

Do you know which Yin Yang pairs of organs functionalities?

What about others who have a preference for sweet food, sour foods, bitter foods and salty foods?

Are you curious wanting to find out more?

Welcome to 

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom



Autism – From Understanding to Solution Action

Glad to inform you that my new video course is just approved by Udemy for enrollment.

You are welcome to go through the free preview.

If you find it useful, welcome to share with those parents who have the challenge of having an autistic child.

Autism – From Understanding to Solution Action

Andrew (Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being)

A China Dream

(This is a coaching case, the coachee is from Turkey, his BOD is 13th Nov. 1969)

Mr Turkish has a China dream. He aspires to be a citizen of China, as he considers China a peaceful and beautiful place. And he is trying all means to run away from Turkey. He resents deeply how the US creates so much chaos and dis-stability in his country and region.

He has moved jobs from place to place, Turkey, Africa etc. and he seldom stays put in a place for long. He is single. Hence currently he does not have commitment to family, no wife, no children. But he longs to have a life-long-partner.

From the analysis of his personality as per his birth-date, he has the following internal conflict. 

He aspires to live in China as a peaceful and beautiful place reflects his Life-Path-Personality, i.e. his Life-Path is seeking Stability and Peace. but throughout his life so far, he likes adventures, like being mobile and likes a lot of freedom. 

His love of Freedom is also a part of his Personality.

Currently he has several health problems. He does not have quality sleep. He has high blood pressure. He sweats a lot. He used to drink a lot, now cut down somewhat.

He does not realize his personality also somehow affects his health.

It is highly possible that even if he achieves his China dream, due to his patterned personality so far, he will not feel at peace in his heart. The Life-Path-Personality of Stability and Peace will become an illusion, not realizable.

And if he does not have the knowledge how to balance his body system, his health may get worse.

I recommend to him to understand his personality deeper by attending the video course on 

A single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology

And also attend the full video courses on the Ancient Wisdom to start balancing his Body, Mind and Emotions, through food therapy and Qi-exercises.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom


A Single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology

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The learning topics include some of the following

  • How to take quick personality profiling?
  • How to balance negative emotions?
  • How to integrate Personality, Emotions and Physiology?
  • How to conduct coaching?

You are welcome to visit the free preview video, and take a look at the Table of Contents.

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