Life Direction & Organs Functionalities

Today I have a coaching case.

A young man, 30+ years old, feels at a loss, that there is no meaning in life, about 4 weeks ago. He has no more motivation and that affects various aspects of his life. This is in spite of current work being rather satisfactory.

This is the start of the coaching session.

From some of his particulars I gathered before the coaching. I was able to make some analysis of his personality. I need to pose some coaching questions to him, to get feedback to confirm my analysis of his personality, that may be contributing to his current challenges.

Hence, it is important to ask powerful and relevant coaching questions during the limited 2 hours coaching session.

Why 4 weeks till now, he feels loss in meaning in life and no motivation to move forward? He said, he has no clues. There were no negative incidents 4 weeks ago.

He has worked 8 years, with change in jobs 4 times. All the jobs are of different nature. He has two jobs overseas in different countries.

He has been 4 years in this current job.

In work, he has some high expectations. In reality, he cannot have them fulfilled.

In work and relationship with partners, he has some dis-satisfaction with negative feelings, yet he cannot pinpoint what are the negativities, nor can he relate to particular negative incidents.

From his memory since young, he likes and enjoys most when with family members in happy times. He is much inclined to emotions.

From his response to many above coaching questions, I get confirmation about the main parts of his personality.

I requested him to imagine he is in deep negative emotions, even with exaggeration. He chose anger against someone, though he could not identify who. He said he had 7 out of 10 anger, in a scale of 0 to 10. Through a quick therapy, I managed to lower his anger from 7 to 4.

In terms of his physiology, he often has stomach upset, with frequent diarrhea. He often sweats at night during sleep. His palm sweats. His hands and legs are cold. He likes pungent food. And he drinks water a lot (hot and cold), and his urine is water-like.

Although he sleeps throughout the night. He does not feel energetic and good motivation for the second day.

From the above information gathered, I help to make analysis for him the source of the problems he is facing. The key point is that he is unaware of the fact that he is being controlled by his own personalities. At the same time, such personalities and behaviors affect his body system, in terms of the organs functionalities. Hence the personalities, psychology and the physical body system affect each other iteratively. And I explain how the many physical symptoms are arising from such interaction.

He is most surprised that he understands what is the source of the problem and from my explanation, he gets the ideas how to do balancing to his physiology and personalities.

I introduce to him my video courses on the discussion we have with more details on the underlying theories as per the ancient wisdom, and the many actions he can take to do the balancing through food therapy, activating the Qi flow. I also explained briefly the importance of the concept of Qi-Blood, how Qi-blood affects the various symptoms he experiences and his thought pattern and behaviors.

The key video course for his particular case is the following 

  1. A Single Window to Personality, Emotions and Physiology
  2. Food Therapy and Body Constituents
  3. Meridians, Qi exercises & Many Self-help healing methods.
  4. Organs Functionalities – What western medicine does not know
  5. Five Element Theory (Building relationship of parts for Holism)

There are several other video courses he can enroll in if he is further interested. The video courses are as per the following links.

English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

Andrew  (Psychologist, Teacher of Ancient Wisdom)

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