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A Zoom chatting with a friend, middle age, regarding some of his health challenges.

He is putting on weight. He sleeps late. Not feeling energetic every morning upon waking. Hair thinning. Feeling itchiness at various parts of the body, not at a fixed place. Feels life is a routine, not feeling spirited.

He asked for my opinions about recommended food-supplement from a friend for his weight issue?

Through Zoom chatting more information is gathered of his lifestyle.

For many years he practiced vigorous exercises at the gym, one and a half hours per practice with much sweeting. He does not have the habit of wiping off the sweat with dry cloth.

I share the following based on the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

  • Body heat generated results in sweating, and sweat pores open up and allow cold air trapped in the body. Trapped cold air moves with blood circulation and creates some obstruction to blood circulation. 

This produces itchiness here and there, not at a fixed place.

  • Late hour sleep habit, implies Qi Blood is used to support whatever night activities, and the blood does not get detoxified by the liver, this affects the blood quality, e.g. blood contains more toxin, may have blood stasis problem. 

This may also contribute to itchiness problems.

I further explain the Qi-Blood concept which is a powerful concept.   

  • Late hours sleep affects the gallbladder not able to store sufficient bile for next day food digestion. 

Then it is not so much about food-supplement, but organs functionalities out of balance.

I further explained Liver and Gallbladder Organ-clock duty roster timing which is during his night activities hours.

  • All hair health issues, e.g. thinning, hair drop, hair turns grey even at young age, are due to Kidneys functionalities out of balance. Kidneys functions are also affected by Liver and Gallbladder functions.
  • Not feeling spirited or motivated can be related to Heart Functionalities out of balance, which can also be affected by Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Lungs and Spleen functionalities, as per the 5-Element Theory.

I advised my friend that  the above is just a brief based on some information about his lifestyle he shared with me. The information is by far not complete. For example, what about his food intake, personality, emotions? 

Hence it is more useful for him to take the video courses on ancient wisdom, so that he can make his own detailed diagnosis of his health issues, carrying out his own balancing action plan.

The links to the video courses are as follows.
English Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom





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