Relation between preferred food intake and physical, mental and emotional health

Every person has his or her preferred food intake, which reveal the conditions of your body constituents.

How do you explain the differences in their body constituents?

When thirsty, someone prefers cold drinks, others prefer warm drinks.

Those like cold drinks, indicate a ‘heaty” body constituent, called Yin Deficiency.

Those like warm drinks, indicate a “cold” body constituents, called Yang Deficiency.

Both are considered Yin Yang imbalances. Severity depends on the degree of Yin and Yang.

Because Spleen and Stomach are in charge of food digestion, then there are also imbalances in Spleen and Stomach functionalities.

Spleen is classified as Yin, and Stomach is classified as Yang.

Do you know the significance of classification in Yin and Yang?

Imbalances in Spleen and Stomach functionalities, are related to the person’s consciousness and emotions.

Do you know what consciousness and emotions are associated with Spleen and Stomach functionalities?

We have more of such discussion in the video courses on the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

Some people eat a lot but do not put on weight.

Some people eat a little and put on weight.

How will western medicine explain such phenomena?

How do you do the balancing?

To get the answer, you need to understand the concepts of Yin and Yang, and how Cold and Heat operate in your body system.

Some people prefer hot and spicy foods.

How do these habits affect which organs functionalities?

And these organs’ functionalities are related to skin problem, constipation problem, sweating problem, difficulty to sleep between 3-5 am.

And these types of people have unique personalities.

Do you know which Yin Yang pairs of organs functionalities?

What about others who have a preference for sweet food, sour foods, bitter foods and salty foods?

Are you curious wanting to find out more?

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