Mind Blank, I am worried

Yesterday I spent 2 hours with someone who is anxious & worried about her recent conditions.

She said her mind goes blank in the middle of conversation with people. She is particularly anxious having discussion with her boss, who recently gives her more assignments with the view to promote her soon.

Her problem with frozen thought can also happen when having conversation with friends.

I spent time to find out is there any emotional & psychological issue, presently, past since childhood, and any such imaginary fear projected into the future.

There is no significant emotional & psycholigical issue.

Then I make inquiry into her physiological conditions, her lifestyle, diets, habits, socializing.

She has several negative physiological conditions : uncontrolled sweating since young, hands & legs often cold, her period flow is little, frequent urination, hair drop, loose stool.

As per ancient wisdom life cultivation 养生, her diet is creating above mentioned problems. Her habit & lifestyle are causing much Yin Yang imbalance in her body.

I explained to her what causes her present mind blank in the middle of conversation problem, linking all the above mentioned physioligical condition, diets, habit & lifestyle.

Now she has better understanding of her condititions, more importantly she does not need to worry whether she has mental breakdown issue or psychological issue.

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Andrew Wong EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator. 心理辅导师 / 培训老师 / 带动集团学习师 Hp +6012 606 1525

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