Group Therapy & Ancient Wisdom

Today I conducted a group therapy session to a group of staff. (11th Nov. 2019)

The need for the group therapy session arises from recent company trip to Beijing, one of the staff (less than 50 years old) collapsed at a shopping mall and passed away a few days later in Beijing hospital.

The rest of the staff are in grief with many other difficult feelings and emotions.

The group therapy session also surfaced some physiological issues like some staff experienced more intense gastric problem, heart tightness, breathing difficulty.

Some participants shared some relaxation during group therapy.

I briefly introduced & share more fundamental solutions to their overall well being, i.e. the theory and practice of the ancient wisdom.

Ancient wisdom also helps to explain how diseases or death come about, with teaching & guides on prevention & balancing.

This ancient wisdom is available in my video courses, which I offer to the company for the staff to enrol.

Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom


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