Unexplained and Uncontrolled Fear

Someone urgently contacted me on the following.

“Feeling depressed, wanting to cry, Sleeping pills did not help me much. I have a lot of anxiety, panic attack and cannot breathe properly. I visited a few medical doctors who could not help me much. I have a lot of unexplained and uncontrolled fear”.

She is less than 50 years old.

I asked her a few key questions and from her feedback I assured her that she does not have any mental or psychological issues but her body organ functionalities are deteriorating. And I explained briefly the concepts and theory on the ancient wisdom, Yellow Emperor;s Inner Classic.

She straightaway enrolled in Food Therapy video courses based on the ancient wisdom and from there she realized her own Body Constituents. Half way into the video course, she called me for discussion, and I advised her what food not to consume and what food to consume. And she should continue with the course to get complete information.

On the 2nd day, she called me, with much happy tone that she slept well the previous night and she wanted some more discussion. I invited her to join my Telegram group with members who had enrolled to the ancient wisdom video courses, hence they have some theoretical understanding.

She asked : “I have cold sweat. Why cold sweat? is it due to Yang Deficiency?”

My further questions : Where is the location of cold sweat? When, day or night or what? Cold sweat in large quantities or not?

She replied : “The cold sweat mostly in the day time, and at the back of my body.”

In the Telegram discussion group, I gave the following explanation:

In the Ancient Wisdom video course on “Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)”, it is explained : Kidneys Store Fear. If Kidneys function is out of balance, there will be uncontrolled and unexplained fear. Fear leads to cold sweat.

The video course also says : Kidneys and Bladder are Cousin-brother or Husband and Wife relationship, they affect each other.

In the video course on “Meridians”, it is explained, the largest Bladder Meridian runs at the back. from head to toe.

In summary, Kidneys function out of balance, creating both Yin Yang deficiency and more importantly Qi deficiency, leading to Fear, cold sweat, manifest at bladder meridian at the back.

Hence, it is important to understand the full set of Ancient Wisdom theories, thus we can explain various symptoms in our body, and can take healing / balancing action. How to do healing and balancing? It is well explained in the video courses.

For those interested to learn the Theory and Practice of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, welcome to enroll using the following links.

Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom


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