My Child with autism eats Stool

(This is a discussion with a forum group, i.e. Parents with children of Autism).

Dear Parent,

I wish to share with you some explanation on your child eats stool problem.

I explain from the theory of the 3000 years ancient wisdom, which can explain many phenomena that Western Medicine cannot explain.

I have been sharing my research for a profound solution to autism as per theory of the Ancient Wisdom, but few people want to listen, as most people belief system is locked in the Western Education we received.

Western education and theory about our body system, our health are inadequate and incomplete as compared with Ancient Wisdom.

Even though many people could not come out from their embedded belief system, and disregard the message from the ancient wisdom,  I will continue to share.

I take patience to explain to you, even though later you still disbelieve.

Why the child eats stool?

First we go back to basic.

When we want to eat something, a few pre-conditions exist.

1. Body  needs for foods & drink
2. Smell, Taste, Flavor form the attributes of foods & drink.

Some examples

Someone always goes for spicy foods excessively, hot, chilly, pungent, till such habit damages his health.

As per the theory of Ancient Wisdom, different organs have different needs for different taste, flavour, smell of foods.

In this case, it is the Lungs that prefer pungent, spicy foods.

But there must be a balance, a person who never takes pungent foods, his lungs do not develop well.

Fortunately and unknowingly we do take pungent foods like onions, garlic. Hence our lungs get nourished.

Another person who takes excessive pungent foods, his lungs get damaged, leading to all sort of lungs related diseases.

Each of the key critical organs, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart, has its preference for certain flavour & smell.

A healthy person will have a good combination of all flavours. Either he has the knowledge of the ancient wisdom on combination of foods-flavour, or the healthy body will subconsciously direct the person to avoid certain foods.

Back to the early example, the person who eats pungent foods excessively, will not enjoy pungent foods when his lungs problems are solved.

In the case of Eating Stool, different stool has different mixed flavour & smell, in all cases, it shows some or almost all the major organs functionalities are out of balance.

A child eats stool is not educational issue, but physiological problem.

When the child organs functionalities are balanced, naturally, he will not eat stool anymore.

Do you know that some child likes eating soil from flower pot?

Now you realize how much the organs functionalities are out of balance for drug addicts!

In this limited space, I can only explain briefly the concept as above.

If you are deeply curious, wanting to find solution for you child, you can invest in a few hours of time to go through the following video training, on the theory, practice and healing application.

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If you still hesitate, you can read up more my other articles about Ancient Wisdom, with keyword search “Autism” at

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If you prefer to remain in your current belief system, not taking yourself out of the thinking box to accept the Ancient Wisdom, that is alright, I will go on to introduce to other people.

Cheers and God Bless.


This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.”5 Flavor for 5 Organs, 五味对应五脏 “, “Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, ,”Food Therapy” 食疗, 饮食学说。 Meridians, Qi exercise 经络,气的运动。

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