Aging : Games and Reading

In some discussion groups, aging is a common discussion topic. 

There are a variety of topics e.g. what games are not suitable for people in aging? Some continue their youthful games like badminton, squash, rugby. 

Then there are cases of frequent bone fracture, due to fall, or games. This may lead to concussion, memory loss.

In our youth, severe fall or incidents at games, did not result in fracture, nor memory loss. A small child falls from 2nd floor to the ground, up he goes running again.

Some old people, due to severe coughing, there is loss of memory.

And the conclusion that vigorous games are certainly not suitable for people in aging.

How do we explain these phenomena?

What theories do we have to explain vigorous games not suitable for people in aging? It seems more common sense explanation.

3000 years China ancient wisdom has some key concepts for such explanation. I.e. Original Qi and True Qi (元气,正气) and Qi-Blood (气血).

At birth True Qi (元气) is stored at the kidneys, this concept is somewhat similar to DNA, immune system, but more than that.

Kidneys functionalities include health of bone, intelligence and memory, which operate at peak during youth. If the person has good life cultivation (养生)practice, then the aging becomes gradual and more graceful, as True Qi (正气)is cumulatively generated and stored for aging.

Both Original Qi and True Qi (元气,正气)are responsible to drive blood, nutrients to all parts of the body and remove toxin from the body due to metabolism.

Due to lack of attention to healthy life, ie. life cultivation (养生)as per ancient wisdom, Original Qi and True Qi (元气,正气)become deficient over time. In the case of weak Qi, even severe cough can cause blockage to the qi blood to the brain and cause memory loss or deafness.

Does regular reading help to improve brain functionalities?

We do have people having serious aging sickness and symptoms with or without reading habits.

This can be explained by Qi Blood concept.

Reading requires brain activities, which needs energy, or as per ancient wisdom, needs Qi Blood.

If the Qi is weak and / or, blood quality is poor for the concerned persons, then too much reading cause strain to the body system and the brain.

How do we know whether the quality of Qi Blood is optimal for old age? The tell tale signs are in the Body Constituents, which you can make assessment to know your body internal condition.

Ancient wisdom not only offers us comprehensive and integrated theories to explain all phenomena, such theories can be put into practice, e.g. how to improve the quality of Qi and Blood, through food therapy, Qi exercises and emotional and personality balancing.

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