Combating Wuhan coronavirus

This is an interview with Dr. 刘清泉, the dean of Beijing Chinese Medicine hospital.

Interview (In Chinese)

He was the first doctor doing the emergency intervention during SARS 2003, with Chinese herbs treatment, fatality rate brought down to near zero from 11%, now he is in charge of Wuhan virus.

His specialty is in “Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine in intensive and critical care” and “Emergency treatment using Chinese Medicine”.

In this interview, Dr. 刘清泉 shared his involvement, treatments of Wuhan patients, and derived some patterns for diagnosis and treatment, discussed with the medical authority to come up with a structural framework for treatment of patients.

In this interview Dr. 刘清泉 also explained the virus-induced-disease is categorized as “湿毒之邪”.(Dampness-evil)

This concept is not easily understood if you do not have knowledge of the 3000 years ancient wisdom called Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, which provides the foundation to Chinese Medicine.

This concept is linked to another concept, Body Constituents 体质, which is absent from western medicine knowledge.

There are 9 types of Body Constituents, with one of them called Dampness-Heat Body Constituent. And the virus thrives in this internal body environment.

We all have different combination of Body Constituents, with varying degree of deficiencies, arising from the foods we consume, weather conditions, emotional imbalance, stress, psychology and in-appropriate exercises, etc.

While the medical specialists try their best to remove the dampness and fever-associated symptoms on patients, it is important we all need to learn and practice balancing our own Body Constituents, not only for prevention of this virus, but all future diseases.

For those curious wanting to know more about the ancient wisdom, welcome to

Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

Video Training on the Ancient Wisdom

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