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This topic “What is the Ejaculation Frequency for Optimum Men’s Health and Longevity?” was brought out for discussion by one of the members  in our Ancient Wisdom Learning group.

The reference article mentioned about eastern philosophy of Tao’s teaching that  a man must preserve and retain his semen in order to enhance his strength, health and longevity. 

Unfortunately the article only narrowly focuses on sexual performance issue, which is only a part of the overall Body Mind and Emotion System. Thus it can be misleading.

How does Ancient Wisdom view this issue in a more holistic way? 
We shall discuss briefly.

Ancient wisdom is based on the book “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” near 3000 years ago. This book is a dialogue between the Emperor and his teacher. In the 1st chapter, the teacher said : “You have thousands of concubines, you must not overly indulge in sex, as that will make you weaker, get old faster and contract many kinds of diseases.”

Why such great emphasis on the consumption of semen?

Semen is termed “Jing 精” in Chinese, it means Essence. And Essence is one of the 5 key variables of our life system. (Refer to the Ancient Wisdom video training).

Upon birth, DNA is stored in the Essence. The amount of Essence stored upon birth is fixed, diminishes over time till death. We need supply of new Essence for daily activities (mental, physical and emotional), which comes from foods.

Do you know what foods can contribute to the generation of Essence? Do you know under what conditions, even with so called nutritious foods, Essence cannot be generated?

Our imbalanced lifestyle, excessive mental, physical and emotional activities can overly consume the Essence, speeding up the aging process, or weaken the Essence, even without overly indulge in sexual activities, and poor quality sperm that may produce unhealthy babies like Autism.

People with serious sickness like Parkinson, dementia, Autism, diabetes etc. are indications the Essence is out of balance, or deficient.

Then how to ensure adequate and quality Essence for overall healthy Body Mind and Emotions?

That is an incomplete question. 

A holistic question should be “ How to balance all the 5 fundamental variables : Essence, Consciousness, Qi, Blood and Body Fluids” as they all interact with each other.

Hence without practice on overall balancing, even if you follow the Tao’s teaching on the Ejaculation Frequency, your health can still be in serious problems.

Again, Ancient Wisdom is overall System approach.

If you are curious about the interacting five forces to give rise to better health and well being, you are welcome to learn on-line 6 essential video courses on Ancient Wisdom.

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