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I am happy to announce that another video course on “Ancient Wisdom Today Well Being” is published, i.e.

“Meridians, Qi Exercise & Many Self Help Healing Methods”

In this video course, we first discuss about Western Education on Exercise for Health. With critical examination, we find that the concepts and ideas conveyed (that almost affect the whole world population) are limiting, some misleading and in most cases cannot improve health, some in the long run damage health at old age, and some can be fatal.

This is especially so revealing when we study understanding about Exercise for Health as presented by the Ancient Wisdom

We discuss the underlying Theory of the Ancient Wisdom, in what way, Qi Exercise improve health and in what specific way for people with different health issues.

With knowledge on many other self-help healing methods, we acquire power in our own hands to improve our health, or even to practice as part of Life Cultivation for autistic child or diseases like Parkinson, cancers etc.

As per another video course on “Food Therapy” we realize that it is the same Governing Theory of the ancient wisdom on Qi Exercise for Health and Food Theory. Meridian system is part of the Central Theory.

This is what is lacking in Western Medicine and Western Nutrition Theory, there is no coherent integrated Theory.

For those who enrolled to these video training courses on Ancient Wisdom for Today Well Being, do you see that, practically the whole world is misguided about the notion of Exercise for Health and Diets for Health?

Yet, we know Exercise and Diets are important. But we need good and clear direction for our daily practices.

Isn’t it important to wake up the whole world?

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