Science or Miracle ?

Today, we talk about an ancient miraculous healer.

During the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the king of Qi State had a very strange and severe illness. He slept the whole day, very difficult to wake him up.

All the qualified doctors in the palace failed to cure him. Someone introduced a miraculous healer BianQue 扁鹊 from a village.

After examining, BianQue told the Queen and Prince that the King’s illness can be cured. But after curing the King will kill him.

The Queen and the Prince were astonished to hear that, : “Where is this truth, you have cured the king’s disease, surely he will not kill you!”

A few days later, BianQue chose a rainy day to come to the King. He did not use transport but walked in the rain and muddy road, without umbrella.

BianQue walked into the palace, and the King was still sleeping in the bed. BianQue climbed onto the bed, shaked the King violently, turned him over and continued to shake him, till he woke up a little, with his dirty hands and dress.

The King opened his eyes and saw a filthy man on his bed and his dirty hands all over. The King was totally mad and angry and immediately order the dirty man to be killed.

The Queen and the Prince begged the King for kindness and explained that this man was a healer. The King did not want to listen.

BianQue told the Queen and the Prince : “The King’s anger was activated and the illness is cured. There is no need any medicine for him. Since I have been rude to the King, I humbly requested to be put inside a big bell at the backyard ground, for me to die of suffocation slowly.”

The King agreed.

When the healer was placed inside the big bell, he started digging the ground soil at the peripheral of the bell, so that air can enter for him to breathe. Then he meditated quietly inside the bell.

Three day later, the King’s illness was fully cured. He remembered the healer and felt bad that he ordered him killed. He came to the bell and requested the bell to be lifted.

The King found that BianQue was alive and smiled calmly to the King.

The King, the Queen, the Prince and the rest were very puzzled and asked BianQue to explain.

“The King’s illness was due to excessive worries over the State’s matters. He felt stressed and he choose to bury the negativity in him. I used the strange method to trigger his anger, to help him to released the suppressed negative emotions.”

Do you think BianQue performed a miracle?

Actually not, it is based the the science and theory of Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic.

YEIC says “Spleen, one of the function is Thinking”, Excessive thinking and worries harm the Spleen. This causes no appetite to eat, and digestion problem, which could not produce adequate energy (Qi-blood) to nourish the body. Then the body is weak and tired. In the case of the King, he slept with no energy.

As per 5-element theory, Spleen is represented by Earth, and Liver is represented by Wood. The theory says that Wood controls Earth (imagine a land overgrown with too many trees, the soils get weakened). Then Liver Controls Spleen.

One of the Liver’s attributes is Anger. Then Anger is used to Control (heal) the Spleen with excessive worries and thinking.

This is how YEIC theories work.

Most people say that one should not be angry and it harms health. This is not entirely true, as it depends on circumstances.

If you train a child without anger, even being bullied. This can create more harm to the child as a whole.

Hope you appreciate the ancient wisdom more and more.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are elaborated in the online training .

“Spleen, one of the functions is Thinking of the spleen 脾主思”, “Qi-blood 气血” “, “Spleen is represented by Earth 脾属土”, “Liver is represented by wood 肝属木” “Liver has anger attribute 肝主怒 “, “Wood Controls Earth 木克土”
“Words in Chinese are texts from the book YEIC, 3000 years ago.”

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