Food Therapy 4 the unique you with your own Body Constituents

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Food Therapy 4 the unique you with your own body constituents“.

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Food Therapy 4 the unique you with your own body constituents“.

Now you can enjoy eating with higher consciousness about food properties to suit your body needs.

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Andrew Wong
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Tantrum / Autism Not Behavioral Problem

We had discussed some people with little or no Will Power, nor Intention to set up a clear and compelling vision as life goal. And we attributed that to the weakness in Kidneys Qi / energy.

We also have the opposite. Excessive determination and Will Power, wanting even to conquer everything in the whole world..

As such they have problem to prioritize and focus well, resulting in achievement in little or nothing.

How do we explain the above from Yellow Emperor”s Inner Classic perspectives?

We start explaining using the 5-element Theory.

Kidneys belong to Water. When the water is strong and excessive, moving in all direction, then the water is not under good control.

As per 5-element theory, Earth can Control Water. For example, when the river water is overflowing, a dam (earth) can be used to control the running water.

Kidneys are represented by Water and Spleen is represented by Earth. And Spleen has the function of Thinking and Analysis. Then much thinking and analysis are required to chart a clearer and manageable life direction to manage.

If the Thinking capability is not well functioning, it also implies the Spleen, physiologically not in good balance.

We can use this Model to observe and understand some behavioral pattern of an autistic child. Hyperactive, throwing tantrum, not able to focus well in study.

The child uses a lot of Kidneys-energy, with persistence / will power in demanding what he or she wants, But he is weak in Spleen / Stomach energy.

Tantrum may appear behavioral problem, but it is not. It is physiological problems that need to be addressed first, i.e. the Spleen and Stomach functionalities.

With more knowledge gained from Yellow Emperor”s Inner Classic , we can then help the autistic child to strengthen the functionalities of Spleen and Stomach with the appropriate diets that suit his or her body constituents.

From the above example, we see that kidneys problems need treatment at Spleen and Stomach also. So unlike Western Medicine who does not see relationship among organs.

We have our own experiences that it is not easy to balance Spleen and Stomach. There are so many delicious foods as temptation. Furthermore too much thinking and worries, Spleen and Stomach get attacked all the time.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, “5-elements theory 五行学说 ” ,”Earth controls Water 土克水” “Kidneys represented by Water 肾属水”,”Spleen represented by Earth 脾属土” ,”Kidneys like Hercules 肾为大力士”, “Liver manifests in anger 肝主怒?“,”Liver likes radiating with 肝主疏泄”

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
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Life Purpose supported by Physiology

In my hundreds of coaching cases, many are seeking meaningful and purposeful life engagement. Different people express and manifest differently. Some do not seem to be interested in meaningful engagement with life.

A lady feels angry and lost due to her husband having an affair. During the coaching process, she describes her marriage life as “nothing joyful or exciting, nor depressing” until the recent issue.

Both husband and wife has his or her own duty to perform, making an earning, taking care of children. There is no common platform of interest and sharing, nor compelling vision forwards.

I asked : “What do you think is happy marriage?”

She answered : “There should be no extramarital affair.”

There was another case, lovers for years. One day the male partner decided to end the relationship.

I asked about their years of courtship. What they did together. She answered : “Eat, drink, shopping, watching movies”.

One employee, due to difficult economic situation, lost his job. I asked : “During your work, what made you feel excited, proud, or any achievement felt?”

Answer : “No lah. Just follow the boss’s instruction to do the work.”

It seems making a living is more for survival sake, no other purpose and meaning. As long as life is smooth sailing, everything is OK. Until some negative happening.

Having a purpose Life Direction and hence the Intention, is the function of Spleen.

And having Will Power to purse what one’s belief or dream is the function of the Kidneys.

Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, the ancient wisdom, says : “Kidneys store Will Power” “Spleen stores Intention”

Intention and Will Power are two of the 5 Consciousness.

And Consciousness is related to the body physiology. A person who is often sick, with weak body, always feels tired walking a few steps, surely his or her Consciousness levels are low.

How do you make observations of your autistic child’s Intention and Will Power? What about Parkinson’s sufferers?

More detailed discussion on relationship between psychology and physiology is as per video training course “Organs Functionalities (What Western Medicine does not know)

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑”, “Consciousness 五神 ” , “Kidneys store Will Power 肾藏志”,”Spleen stores Intention 脾藏意“

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Food Therapy for the Unique You with your own Body Constituents

This is a brief introduction to “Food Therapy for the Unique You with your own Body Constituents”.

Please watch this short video at YouTube

Food Therapy

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Combine Western Science and Ancient Wisdom to find clues to illnesses like stroke, Parkinson, Dementia.

From the Western Science we get the fact that :  Up to 60% of the human adult body is water by weight, the brain is composed of 73% water.

What is the function of the brain having 73% water?

We shall discuss with simple logic.

3000 years ago, ancient wisdom as per Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, says, the brain is filled with Sea or Ocean. They had the notion that the brain is in fluid medium, “脑为髓之海”, though they did not have the technology to measure the actual amount. But they knew like what today scientists know.

Why brain has so much water or fluid content?

We can say that logically the brain needs a lot of energy to function, to think, to analyse, to co-ordinate all stimuli and information to create sensible perception and make sense of reality.

So far you are OK with these logic presented. Ya?

In my free Video training (Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health), I presented the notion that the brain need energy, and energy is a rather abstract concept, not practical for usage, and replace with the 3000 years notion of Qi-Blood.

Hence the brain needs a lot of Qi-blood (energy) to function well.

You will accept the Blood as needed, but not Qi concept at this junction. I invite you to enroll the video training “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”.

For the time being I go alone with your current paradigm that much blood is needed to the brain. You don’t want to talk about Qi. That is OK.

Much blood means the heart needs to work hard (i.e. a lot of pumping) and that produces a lot of heat. (Ancient Wisdom just called it Yang).

Then logically there is need to have coolant (73% water in the brain) to ensure balancing or reaching optimal equilibrium.

If the water content of the brain is very much reduced, ie. Little or no coolant, what happens? (Just simple logical question)

Similarly just using these two variables : Water / fluids and Blood, there are 4 scenarios that cause in-equilibrium. Too much water, not enough water, too much blood, not enough blood.

What about the quality of Water and Blood? Water too slurry, sticky, or Blood too thin, or blood stasis?

If in-equilibrium or imbalance, do you think it will affect the functionalities of the brain? Do you think there is connection between such imbalances with stroke, Parkinson, dementia?

I am just presenting some logical flow.

How do you do manage the balancing in order not to get stroke, Parkinson or dementia?

You need water management of your body. Ya? How?

You need blood management of your body, Ya? How?

What are the inputs to Water and Blood, and how the Body Process these inputs in order to get quality water and blood?

So your body processing is like a factory. How do you know the factory is working OK?

In the video training : “Qi (its mystery unfolded), 5-Essential Human Life Variables”, the 5-Essential Human Life Variables are

  1. Water / Fluid :2 Blood : 3  Qi :4  Essence :5 Consciousness

For the 1 and 2, you are OK with the concepts, but not 3,4,5.

But 3000 years old Ancient Wisdom tells us all these 5 variables need to be managed to achieve balancing for better well being, not to get sick.

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
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Understanding Yin & Yang

Often WhatsApp group members ask how to do treatments. Today we discuss the theories behind treatments. When we understand the theories and reasons behind, we can then creatively apply the necessary treatments.

We need to start from Yin and Yang theory again.

Yin and Yang is a large concept. But actually everyday we do experience it, but not aware of it.

For example, “feeling hot”, feel the sensation of heat in certain parts of the body, or mouth dry, sweat uncontrollably, … we then say it is Yin-Deficiency. There is lack of Yin and more Yang.

The other time, we feel cold. The hands and limbs sensations are cold, e.g. hands cold, running nose. This is Yang-deficiency.

Those with balanced Body Constituent, they feel reasonably cold or hot, but not extremes.

How do we use diets as treatments then?

We need to know the properties of foods in term of Yin and Yang.

YEIC says : “Yin is stillness and intrinsically cold and Yang is Excessive Movement and intrinsically heaty.

Hence animals with frequent movement, or in motions like dogs, who can run faster than chicken, then dog meat is more Yang in nature compared with chicken meat.

Pigs always just eat and sleep without exercise, it is then more Yin than dogs.

Fish in cold water needs to move constantly to create warmth for own blood circulation, then fish is Yang, and heaty in nature, in general.

For autistic children, due to influence of western nutrition theory, parents and teachers feed the children with more proteins for better growth, as based on the above discussion, if the meat consumed are more Yang in nature, children hyper activeness can get worsened.

Those living creatures with little motion, like crab, tortoise, are Yin in nature.

Most vegetable are intrinsically cold in nature. Vegetables from winter-countries are even colder.

Vegetable of Yang properties are garlic, pumpkin, ginger, leeks, onions, parsley, onions.

Fruits from tropical countries are mostly Yang, especially durian, also from temperate countries fruits ripen in summer like lychee, peach, longan, cherry, apricot, etc.

Yin types of fruits are watermelon, banana, kiwi, melon, grapefruit, orange, persimmon, melon, pear, mango, alfalfa, etc.。

Due to the influence from Western Nutrition theory, many parents want their children to take in more vegetables, consider them to be more nutritious.

Now with the injection of YEIC Food Theory, perhaps parents should do some re-thinking.

Cold types of foods are not suitable for autistic children who is withdrawn, avoid socializing. These kids should have more Yang types of foods.

This is just a general discussion.

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training.“Food Theory 饮食学说”,“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”。

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Andrew Wong
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心理辅导师 / 培训老师 / 带动集团学习师
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学习 “黄帝内经“博客

Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health

“Simplicity & Practicality of Ancient Wisdom on Health”

Topics of Discussion

1. Why Aging Before Aging age?

2. What does measured Blood Pressure represent exactly?

3. Complex Medical Theory helpful?


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Why Young legs like Old Legs?

Why Young legs like Old Legs?

Legs weaknesses, nor able to climb steps easily, legs joints problem, sharp pain at the heels, urination problem.

Why more and more people having lower abdominal problems before they are old? ‘

What is the relationship between legs weaknesses and High Blood Pressure

What does Blood Pressure represent?

Why not measure blood pressure at the legs also?

Do you not need a comprehensive and compelling theory and explanation so that you can do something about your mind, personality and your body.

You are welcome to watch this Video on the above discussion.

Why Young legs like Old Legs?

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
心理辅导师 / 培训老师 / 带动集团学习师
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学习 “黄帝内经“博客

A report on Autism

This report was made on June 7, 2017.

Before we started our 4th June workshop with the parents who have autistic children, in a short time we did a quick survey about their children conditions.

Altogether 9 autistic children.

(3 yrs below=1, 3-5 yrs=3. 5-9 yrs =1,9-12 yrs =2,14 yrs =1,20 yrs=1)

Speech Deficiency (9-12yrs=2,14yrs=1,20yr=1)

Hyper-active (9-12yrs=2)

Socializing proglem (3 yrs below=1, 3-5 yrs=1, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=2,14yrs=1,20yrs=1)

Learning Disability (3yrs below=1, 3-5yrs=2, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=1)

Fixed and Repeated Behaviors (3 below=1, 3-5yrs=2, 5-9yrs=1,9-12yrs=1)

Before the start of autism symptoms any high fever, flu = 2, (baby time).

Cesarean=3, all 3 are hyper-active。

Mommy often sick, weak body constituents, high stress and emotional disturbance during pregnancy, period irregular before pregnancy = 2

Shortly after vaccination, any unusual behaviors of the child = 0

Taking part in various programs, activities (OT, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, etc. = 8

Time / Period attending the program : (3 months below =2, 1 yr below =3, 5 yrs=1, 7 yrs =1)

Parents understand what method used in the various program OT, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration, know how the specialist carry out the activities :(10% = 2, 50% = 4, 75% = 2)

How much time spent daily on the following : IQ(20 % = 2,30% = 3, 50% = 2)

How much time spent daily on the following :EQ(5 % = 1,20% = 1, 30% = 2, 50%=1)

(Note” Most take EQ more in controlling the child tentrum, difficult sentiment, and not balancing their emotions or developing EQ)

Later in my talk, I explain 5 Consciousness as per Ancient Wisdom, more than just EQ, which correspond to 5 body organs that determine behaviors and performance.

How much time spent daily on the following : (BI) Body Intelligence = ??

(Note: Most take BI as Sensory Integration activities. In my talk, I explained that from Ancient Wisdom perspective, BI is on raising the Yang energy / Life Force of the child)

How much time spent daily on the following ?: :diet( 30% = 3, 50%=2, 70%=4)

(Note: In my talk, I explained that Ancient Wisdom perspective, diet is related to improving our bodily organ functionalities which also include 5 sensory faculties. Ancient Wisdom called it Theory of Foods & Drink, which is very different from Western Nutrition Theory)

After various programs and activities :(OT),Speech Therapy,Sensory Integration)etc. What are the improvement performance ?:

( 6 month period : 5%=1, 20%=2, 30%=1, 50%=1。)

( 3 yrs, with one 7 years : 30%= 1, 50%=1。)

The one with 7 years intensive attendance to various programs activities, today still have speech deficiency and socializing programs problems.

In our workshop, I asked : “If we have opportunity to meet again in 5 years time, what report you can give about the progress of your autistic child?

I emphasize the importance of constant evaluation and measurement of the child progress, on whatever program attended, and not leave the child to the specialist / center day after day, year after year.

From the above information, you are welcome to share your views, discussion, your own analysis and thoughts on the above.

Subsequent to the above, I continue to take such survey in other Ancient Wisdom introduction talk. The pattern of the result is similar to the above.

There is really very little significant improvement with years of Western Education/ Therapy for Special Need children. Perhaps that is why they attend my talk.

This is regretful and sorry state, after years of hardship on the part of the parents for their love of their special need child, yet without significant result. I know of some, after 20 years of OT etc program, having their children dependent on large dose of western medicine to control the tantrum, some violence.

Many parents, after 10 years,20 years hardship, feel totally discouraged to seek anymore solution, and accept the cruel reality. They are no longer active on social media looking for solution or discussing or sharing.

Hence in the social media, mostly are young parents, actively pursuing seeking solution full heartedly. I wonder after another 20 years, what will become of them? Will they also give up hope?

I sincerely offer them a new hope based on the ancient Chinese wisdom, Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classics.

To understand how autism came about, to use the ancient wisdom theory, we need to know the basic concepts and knowledge of the Yellow Emperor, i.e. Qi, Yin Yang, Zangfu Organs, Food Therapy, Qi activation, 5-elements etc.

Then we can initiate balancing treatments to the child on daily basis. Treatments must be holistic, not doing just one thing.

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
心理辅导师 / 培训老师 / 带动集团学习师
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学习 “黄帝内经“博客

Is there fit for all healthy diet?

Glad to see much discussion among the Chinese WhatsApp group. The hot topic is on Healthy Diet.

Although there were many other discussion on Diet previously, as most are deeply influenced by the Western Nutrition Theory, it is difficult to shift the thinking to another dimension.

I will use the current discussion content to make illustration again on how YEIC view Diet differently.

One member shared he and his wife have the same diet everyday, and he think the diet taken is helpful to them.

One of the diet is Chives “韭菜”. We will use this for discussion.

As per ancient Chinese food system, the functionalities of Chives “韭菜” are as follow:

“Strengthen Spleen, Stomach, Kidneys Yang, makes one alert, help reduce excessive sweating, preserve essence.

This vegetable is suitable for most people, especially those with cold body constituent, rough skin, constipation, dry eyes etc.”

From the above, we can see that classification of foods is a per body constituents, key organs, what functionalities necessary for the healthy body.

At the same time, the Food System also highlights under what situations this food is not suitable for consumption.

1、Because Chives is Yang and heaty, those with excessive Yang body constituents, not suitable.

2、Those with poor digestion due to Stomach heat.

3、Excessive chives consumption can harm kidneys.

4、Cannot be consumed together with wines.

This is an important messages. It follows the philosophy of Middle Path, i.e. nothing, no matter how good, cannot be consumed excessively.

Many believe green vegetables and fruits are always good for the body, it is not true.

Western Nutrition Theory is based on identifying the essential elements like protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, etc. they consider protein is good for growth. But them they do not differentiate how different meat protein, e.g. mutton, pork, chickens, etc. can help in what different ways.

Ancients sages know that if you let hyperactive children, or tantrum autistic child consumes more mutton, they become more hyperactive.

Do you see that Chinese Food Theory is very logical and practical?

It tells you how different foods can help to improve your body functionalities which affect behaviors and performance.

Do you know your own Body Constituents? If not, you wouldn’t know what foods suit your!

This discussion involves a few key concepts which are explained in details in the video training. “Food Theory 饮食学说”,“Organs Functionalities 五脏六腑功能”,”Yin-Yang 阴阳”, “Body Constituents 体质。

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Andrew Wong
EP Coach / Trainer / Facilitator.
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